• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1987-06-16
  • This is the first 36 minutes of the show only.



  • Bhundu Boys: Simbimbino (LP - Tsvimbodzemoto) Discafrique
  • (JP: 'Now you are I are both going to have to come to terms with the title of this LP because I'm going to be playing it an awful lot and you're going to be going into record shops and saying 'please could I have the Bhundu Boys Tsvimbodzemoto'. And that was called 'Simbimbino' from the LP and I'll play you another track from it before we all go home too. That's described as being a cautionary tale of a greedy man, a woman (his wife), a hole, the trap and a moralising pig. Well!')
  • Heart Throbs: Toy (single) In Tape
  • I, Ludicrous Ridiculous (session)
  • Peel reads out a postcard sent to him and Walters from Ted Chippington in the USA.
  • Act 1: Party Hardy People (7")
  • (JP: 'From 1974 that's Act 1, you'll remember their Tom The Peeper - well you may not, but I mean I do, with considerable affection. And that's called Party Hardy People. While we're dealing with older numbers, remember this? This is dead subversive!')
  • Redskins: Unionize (Peel Session 12" EP) Strange Fruit
  • (JP: 'It's not been a good day in some ways because the two people who were going to come with me on my trip to Germany at the weekend have both pulled out and somebody who was going to help me with work tomorrow has also done the same, but I shall survive! They're not going to beat me, you want and see.')
  • Big Black: Heartbeat (EP) Blast First
  • Wedding Present: Getting Nowhere Fast (session)
  • DJ Polo & Kool G Rap: Rikers Island (12") Cold Chillin'
  • I, Ludicrous Fabulous (session) (cuts out before end)


  • The_John_Peel_Show_16_-_06_-_87.mp3
  • 36:15
  • 48 kbps stereo
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