• 1988-05-16
  • Peel mentioned going to Fulham Greyhound on Thursday night to see a concert from Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Intense Degree, but only Intense Degree turned up. Peel dedicates an Extreme Noise Terror record to some students he met, who are preparing for their GCSE Maths papers.
  • Peel mentions recieving some letters from listeners complaining that his records are getting noisier, which he responds by saying that the majority of records that excite him are noisy.
  • Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle's "Cannonball Yodel" track is a cover of Elton Britt's song.
  • Peel plays B-side tracks of Morrissey's "Everyday Is Like Sunday" single.
  • Peel plays the original version of Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle's "My Funny Valentine" by Gerry Mulligan And the Concert Jazz Band, which he mentions is his favourite FSK song and dedicates the record to Chet Baker (the jazz trumpeter, who was involved in the original "My Funny Valentine" record) who died a few days ago.
  • Peel regretted not buying Muddy Face albums when he was in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • The Pixies session track "Wild Honey Pie" is a cover of a Beatles record, while "In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)" is taken from the film Eraserhead.



(JP: 'Well I don't know whether that will get through your maths papers, it will certainly encourage me I suspect')
  • Pixies: Levitate Me (session)
(JP: 'And from Derrick Morgan, well my signature tune, well one of them')
(JP: 'It's a terrible thing you know, but I can't remember what the original sounds like, but that will do nicely for the time being')

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