• 1992-05-16
  • Peel, somewhat unwillingly it seems, has to chair part of a phone-in competition to tie in with Radio 1's '31 Days In May' strand. He is to ask three listeners sports related questions, which the first listener wins. The prize is to go to the European Championships Final in Sweden, and share accommodation with JP himself. Later in the programme, John plays back his "professional" performance for a second time...
  • Reveals that he had to miss the Sony Awards because he doesn't have a lounge suit.
  • The final track appears to be missing, so an almost complete show. Perhaps the last fragment will turn up in the SL Tapes. PS it now has


  • Cop Shoot Cop, #2. Recorded 1992-03-29. No known commercial release.
  • Freefall, one and only session (repeat). Recorded 1992-02-09. No known commercial release.


File 1 and file a begin here

File 2 begins here

(JP: 'Doesn't 'Teenage Kicks' still sound like the best record that was ever made? Of course it does.')
  • (31 Days in May competition)
  • Swirlies: 'Didn't Understand (7 inch)' (Slumberland)
(JP: 'I've been dreading the actual conducting of the competition on the air, because as regular listeners will know, I'm not terrifically skilled technically. Very much a kind of two turntables and a microphone and a CD player with great reluctance man.')

File 1 ends during above track

File 2 ends


  • File 1: John Peel 19920516 - 128 kbps Part 1.mp3
  • File 2: Peel Show 1992-05-16
  • File a: 1992-05-16 Peel Show L249b
  • File b: 1992-05-16 Peel Show L181a
  • File c: 1992-05-16 Peel Show L177
  • File d: 1992-05-16 Peel Show L181b
  • File e: 1992-05-16 Peel Show L387
  • File 1: 01:37:14 (00:01:30 to 01:34:57)
  • File 2: 01:34:55
  • File a: 00:40:27
  • File b: 00:46:27
  • File c: 00:40:40
  • File d: 00:45:06
  • File e: 00:03:28
  • File 1: available from Mooo Server (Phil/1992)
  • File 2: Not currently available.
  • File a: Mooo
  • File b-e: Mooo
  1. This was apparently the trigger track for listeners to ring in for the competition.
  2. Bought on a holiday in Kenya in 1972.
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