• 2000-05-16
  • Start of show: "Evening."
  • John and the Pig have just returned from Berlin, where the show was broadcast live on 11 May 2000. They spent a night in Groningen on their way back and Peel was able to visit the Platenworm record shop. "I only had about ten minutes in there, which was most frustrating. Probably just as well, actually, for my bank balance's sake." He was pleased to pick up a copy of the album that supplies the second track of the show.
  • Mention is made of Ipswich's performance in the 2-2 draw against Bolton Wanderers in the Division One play-off semi-final, first leg. This had been played the previous Sunday, 14th May. "We were much excited by their performance against Bolton because after they'd gone a couple of goals down I thought, well that's it really. It's the same old story. But they fought back bravely, which they probably wouldn't have done last season. Obviously I don't want to offend any Bolton Wanderers supporters who might be listening to the programme, but we're quietly confident about tomorrow night."
  • A play for the Sixties band Tomorrow leads into a discussion of the 1970 act Toomorrow: "A kind of Steps of their day, I think. I'm not entirely sure that it didn't feature Olivia Newton-John, or as my former colleague DLT was incapable of saying anything other than Olivia Neutron Bomb. And we laughed of course, every time he did it."
  • This year's Eurovision Song Contest is discussed: "It was a particularly memorable one, I think, in that... the worst thing I've ever seen on a Eurovision Song Contest was the Swedish entry which was the one about Native Americans and it was just - if you didn't see it, really you've missed a real treat - try and find somebody who videod it so that you can catch up with it now because it was spectacular in its terribleness." [1]



File a begins

  • Sportique: Sport For All (7") Where It's At Is Where You Are wiaiwya 16

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(JP: "Very radical use of stereo there, as a result of which I've thrown up all over the desk.")

File b pauses

File b resumes part way through next track

(JP: "We're thinking about doing a love parade through the streets of Stowmarket but I don't think we'd get away with it.")
(JP: 'That's called St. Matthew Returns To The Womb: can't imagine what his mum had to say about it.')

Files a and b end


  • a) jp000516
  • b) 2000-05-16 Peel Show (incomplete).mp3
  • a) 02:01:37
  • b) 01:27:06
  • a) many thanks to Max-dat.
  • b) Many thanks to taper Ed B. Show digitised by Weatherman22.
  1. The Swedish entry was 'When Spirits Are Calling My Name' by Roger Pontare. Judge the performance for yourself. youtube