• 1999-09-16
  • Peel says Badly Drawn Boy, who is set to have a session with Steve Lamacq the following Monday, has cancelled three sessions for his show – “it’s probably some marketing thing that we don’t fully understand, but disappointing nevertheless.”
  • No email, and as the show is from Peel Acres there’s no webcam either. Peel promises a posed tableau the following week.
  • The Peelenium is renamed the ”Paulenium” for the night, in honour of The Voice’s brother. Among the songs, “Silver Dollar” was apparently the first Peel learned all the lyrics of off by heart, while in bed with an unspecified illness.
  • The Cuban Boys track is from the band’s birthday present to Peel.
  • The Foundations song, a #1 in 1967, is played after Peel heard Bob Harris playing a country version on the radio on the drive up from London. Admits that he probably wouldn’t have played it himself in 1967, but that just “demonstrates what a tosser I was then, if I’m not now.”
  • The Paul Whiteman track, recorded from a 78 with accompanying surface noise, is from a birthday CD made for Peel by Magoo. The song would turn up again on the 06 December 2001 show as a Pig's Big 78.
  • Peel inspired to play “Wellington Boots” from the “Archive Things” compilation by write-ups for the show “Gumboots,” which is going to be on in London.



Peelenium 1950 (Paulenium)

  1. Phil Harris: The Thing
  2. Eve Young: Silver Dollar
  3. John Byrd & His Blues Jumpers (aka Professor Longhair): Bald Head
  4. Anton Karas: The Harry Lime Theme


  • a) torocrot50a.mp3
  • b) torocrot50b.mp3
  • c) jp160999.mp3
  • a) 01:01:47
  • b) 01:01:47
  • c) 01:59:53
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