• 1993-04-17
  • John explains the extraordinary lengths that the Estonian band Röövel Ööbik had to go to so their historic session could be recorded for the programme.
  • A Phantom Fifty mystery is cleared up.


  • Röövel Ööbik, one and only session. Recorded 1993-03-20. Available on the Umblu / Stupido Records CD - Popsubterranea .
  • Dinosaur Jr., #3, repeat, first broadcast 09 January 1993. Recorded 1992-11-24. The tracks ‘Keeblin’ and ‘Get Me’ are available on the Strange Fruit LP / CD – In Session. ‘Get Me’ is also available on the WEA CD – Quest.


(JP: ‘Our first Baltic session, listeners.’)
(JP: ‘Here’s the first from Dinosaur Jr. It starts rather quietly but builds and builds and will fill your life with light.’)
(JP: ‘Only bats could hear that last little bit.’)
(11:30 news)
(JP: ‘This is Jacob's Mouse. Didn’t get to see them this afternoon. Too busy you see, preparing this programme. The amount of work that goes into it, well you’d be astonished.’)
(JP: ‘Hello, hello the voices are speaking to me again.’)
  • Adewale Ayuba: 'Ma So Nipa Aids - Sora Nipa Aids (CD – Mr Johnson Play For Me)' (Flame Tree)
(JP: ‘And now I’m faced with a problem which I knew I was gonna face before the process was out. Because I should be, at this juncture, playing you the number 21 record in the Phantom Fifty. The only problem being that I’ve left it at home. As I say it was bound to happen and tonight’s the night. But I will play it for you next Friday. So all of those people who thought they knew when this phantom fifty business was gonna end are now out by a week. And I apologise for messing up your plans if you had any based on it – which I doubt.’)
(12:30 news)
(JP: ‘Time to do a little of that boggling one’s read so much about.’)
(JP: Reads out a really nice letter from Manchester that cheers him up a lot. “....whenever you move house and you're sat there feeling crap and alienated, turning on the radio and getting Peel in your room gives you a feeling of being at home and no matter how many times you move house, turning onto the Peel show softens the blow.”)
(1:30 news)
(JP: ‘Well I’m for that.’)
(JP: ‘Fortran 5 to end tonight’s programme.’)
  • Fortran 5: 'Persian Blues (Full On Orchestral Philharmonical Mix) (12 Inch)' (Mute)
(Hand over to Lynn Parsons)
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