• 1981-08-17
  • The currently available recording covers only around an hour of the show. The additional tracklisting details from User:Rolffan that appear below may actually be from the 19 August 1981 show, which included a Higsons session repeat, but have been kept on this page until more information is available.
  • Peel suggests New Order need to get an LP or something out soon, otherwise they’ll become “Old Order” – “signs of that already, I think.”
  • Peel is disappointed by the scar where he chopped off the end on his finger. Describes it as looking like “life’s ultimate nosepick”.
  • Has received a copy of Cheers, the “pleasingly irreverent” Meadowbank Thistle monthly magazine. Is heading to Edinburgh in the first week of September to start and finish his “autumn clothes and food for my baby tour” and hopes to see Meadownbank play while he’s there.
  • Has received listener feedback from discussion with (NME writer) Paul Morley on the show the previous week about the kind of bands Peel plays and gives sessions to. Opinions appear to be mixed.
  • Two copies of the Golinsky Brothers single later turned up in John Peel's Record Box. Another long-term Peel favourite played here, ‘Nothin’ Shakin’ by Eddie Fontaine, is described as “one of the great rock and roll records of all time”.


  • Repetition #1 First broadcast of only session, recorded 1981-08-08
  • Revillos #2 Repeat of session first broadcast 13 May 1981, recorded 1981-04-29

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(File 1 cuts in)

JP: “And some of us in the studio were actually trying to do The Clyde to that, and I kept on catching my feet in my Afghan rebel costume that I am wearing this evening. I think it is terribly me.”

File 2 ends

(tracklisting from User:Rolffan)

Tracks marked @ available on File 3 in much better quality


  • 1) _290_810817.aif
  • 2) _290_810817b.aif
  • 1) 35.01 (to 32:28) Rest of tape blank
  • 2) 32.21
  • 3) (26:43-43:09) (38:01-43:09) unique + 23s from tape flip on File a)
  • Sound very muffled on first file, but much better on the second one.
  • File created from T290 of 400 Box. Many thanks to RC!
  • 3) From KevH Tape 26
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