• 2002-12-17
  • A listener mentions Liverpool's last match, which saw them lose 2-1 to lowly Sunderland on Sunday afternoon (BBC report). JP: "I've never seen Liverpool play as badly as they've been playing over the past month in all of the time that I've been supporting them. I'm just appalled by them. I can't see them winning another game all season, to be perfectly honest. Perhaps a spell in the First Division will do them the world of good. [1] Had a good result at Portman Road anyway, so at least one person in our house was pretty happy." [2]
  • Another listener asks who the artist is behind the song "Bloody" that he remembers hearing Peel play back in 1997. This is of course the classic by the Golinski Brothers. JP: "Whenever we made up a holiday tape it was always on there so all of our children know it as well as I know it." Peel sings the chorus to demonstrate this and then promises to play it early in the New Year.
  • JP: "I had the room mate from hell when I lived in Dallas, Texas. This is quite true. He's a man who used to give my records away to young women that he met around the pool and eventually ended up being involved with Charles Manson. So it was just as well that I let him have the records and didn't argue with him too much I think."
  • A listener whose birthday it is complains about family members sending him a multi-purpose combined birthday and Christmas card. Peel mentions that it is his brother Alan's birthday the next day. "I'll check with him whether he gets Christmas / birthday presents and cards all in one. I suspect he probably does and it must be very irritating indeed."
  • Sheena Easton's "9 To 5" is described as, "a great pop record, it has to be said."
  • John gets into the festive spirit and has fun with the Commodores Christmas message.


  • Econoline one and only session. Recorded 25 November 2002.



  • 10. John Peel Show 17-12-02.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  1. The Sunderland result made it six matches without a win in the Premier League. John's disenchantment is understandable, since Liverpool had topped the league for several weeks during October and November before entering the current run of bad form. The Sunderland defeat left Liverpool fifth in the table.
  2. Ipswich had beaten Watford 4-2 on Saturday afternoon.
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