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  • 2002-01-17
  • The ten winners are announced for the competition to describe the program in 20 words or less, for use in a possible Sony Award nomination. Those receiving 200 or so records from Peel include John Osborne, who in 2010 would use his prize as the basis for a Future Radio series called John Peel's Shed. Mick Ashman in Sheffield ("he wins everything; it's rather shocking, I think") is named first runner-up.
  • Peel is emailed during the programme from New Zealand by Ronnie Ronalde. JP, delighted to hear from the whistling and yodelling star ("just one of the biggest stars on Earth when I was - that high"), chastises himself for not playing tracks from RR's The Story of Christmas album on the show at the end of the year and says he hopes they can meet up when he goes to Auckland in a couple of months' time - "that would be a great honour for me." (They did indeed meet up.)



  • Miss Black America - 'Infinite Chinese Box' (Integrity Records)
  • Rob Acid - 'A Day In My Life' (Wmf)
  • Mercury Rev - 'Planet Caravan' (Peel Session (Repeat))
  • Mr Airplane Man - 'Black Cat Bone' (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • Gregory Isaacs - 'Night Nurse' (African Museum)
  • Deeds Of Flesh - 'Path Of The Weakening' (Displeased Records)
  • Sylvian Chauveau - 'Cet Enfer Miraculeux' (Les Disques Du Soleil)
  • Lasgo - 'Something' (Antler Subway)
  • Clinic - 'Pet Eunoch' (Domino)
  • Mercury Rev - 'Gymnopedies 3' (Peel Session (Repeat))
  • Dj Shufflemeister - 'Experience' (Tresor)
  • Green Hornet - 'Get It Going On' (High Maintenance)
  • Pressure Rise - 'Way Of Life (Teebee Remix)' (Aspect Records)
  • Winifred Atwell - 'Jubilee Rag' (Decca) - Pig's Big 78
  • Mercury Rev - 'Tides Of The Moon' (Peel Session (Repeat))
  • Roots - 'Carve' (Square One Recording )
  • Desapercidos - 'Man And Wife The Latter (Damaged Goods)' (Wichita)
  • Guy Klusevsek - 'Some Of That 'Old Time Soul' Polka' (Trikont)
  • Lf Peee - 'Who's On The Turntable' (Mzee Records)
  • Mercury Rev - 'Spiders And Flys' (Peel Session (Repeat))
  • Jimmy Reed - 'Hush Hush' (Veejay)
  • Louis Jordan - 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens' (Coral )
  • Null N' Void - 'Outta The Top 40 Records' (Coh Uk)
  • Sportique - 'The Dying Fly' (Matineen Recordings)
  • Blood Of Others - 'The Colour Of Blood' (Thought Crime)
  • Mercury Rev - 'Little Rhymes' (Peel Session (Repeat))


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