• 1979-07-17
  • Peel complains that there's no copy of that week's chart available in the studio.
  • Van Morrison is played as the song mentions Marlon Brando.
  • Show includes two singles from New Orleans, as well as two songs from the Big Hits Of Mid-America compilation. JP asks listeners who go to the States on holiday to lend him any interesting records they bring back.
  • Peel points out the programming hand of John Walters in a series of telephone-related songs.
  • John reads out the records of the week chosen by his colleagues. Andy Peebles: Randy Vanwarmer 'Just When I Needed You Most'. Simon Beast: Thieves '400 Dragons'. Paul Burnett: Lew Lewis Reformer 'Win Or Lose'. Peter Powell: Sparks 'Beat The Clock'.
  • Kid Jensen has picked 'Gangsters' by the Specials as his record of the week ("this is more like it", says Peel), and will also be featuring the career and music of Peel favourite Gene Vincent on his show the following day.
  • Only 9 minutes are now missing from the show.


  • All records show


  • File 4 begins at start of show.
(JP: "In case I sound a little uneasy this evening it's because Mike Read is hanging around, waiting for me to say something nice about him. Erm... Erm... He's got a very good head of hair.")
(JP: "And I wanted to be able to tell you where Death Disco is in the BBC's charts at the moment, but I can't do that because there isn't a copy of it in either of the Radio One studios, and I can only imagine that the reason for this is that all of the records that I like are doing so well that they couldn't bear to have me gloating about it on the programme. Does that sound a little far-fetched? Yeah, it does really.")
Kid Jensen trailer for his Gene Vincent special.


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  • (4) 1979-07-17 John Peel Radio 1 DB091+DB092
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  • (1) 40.36 (from 25.45 minutes of file, following section of 31 July 1979)
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  • (4) 1:10:01
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