• 1993-07-17
  • File 1) A complete show apart from three minutes missing at the very beginning.



File 1 begins

(JP: ‘In the recent past I’ve have a lot of letters from listeners saying have you got anything that was recorded at the San Marco & Florida Club in London in the late 1930’s? Well I have got this.’)
(JP :Don’t worry I’m using this programme as an audition for Radio 2’.)
(11:30 news)
(JP: When I was thirteen years old, and frankly I was so cute you’d have wanted to cuddle and kiss me till I bled, but my favourite record was also called High Noon but obviously it wasn’t by the Bear Quartet, it was by Frankie Laine.’)

File b begins

(JP: ‘When I say that was my favourite record when I was thirteen years old, it’s not quite true. My favourite record was the b side of that.’)
(JP: ‘I wrote them [The Swirlies] a greasy letter and they never wrote back, but nevertheless I continue to play their records.’)
(JP: ‘For the last half hour there’s been a young person here in the studio admiring my technique on the wheels of steel and listening to all the out of sight sounds and she’s just asked if it’s alright if she went back up to the office to watch television.’)
(12:30 news)

File b ends and c begins

File c ends
File d begins

(1:30 news)
(JP: ‘I wonder if he does sessions. I’d really like to hear a session from Barry Adamson.’) [2]

Files 1 and d end

Track marked § is not yet available.

Thanks to Tim for the handwritten playlist.


  • 1) Peel Show 1993-07-17
  • b) 1993-07-17 Peel Show L469
  • c) L307-b
  • d) L306-b
  • 1) 02:57:06
  • b)
  • c) 00:41:05
  • d) 00:47:11
  • 1) Many thanks to Isector.
  • b) File created from L469 of the SL Tapes, digitised by SB.
  • c) File created from L307, side B of the SL Tapes, digitised by Bill.
  • d) File created from L306, side B of the SL Tapes, digitised by Bill.
  1. Announced as 'Bar Scene From Star Wars', but JP admits later in the show to having played the wrong track.
  2. John got his wish, Barry Adamson did a session for the show which was broadcast later on in the year on 22 October.
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