• 1995-03-17
  • A very tight show, mainly remarkable for JP repeating the session by Th' Faith Healers, who had by this time split up (one member going on to Quickspace, an early incarnation of which is also played); John looking forward to a gig in Bristol; for him not playing a single track by the Fall, or one at the wrong speed; and for featuring tracks by Solar Race and the Bluetones that would later turn up in that year's Festive Fifty.
  • After the previous Saturday's show, the John Peel Roadshow drove "like a maniac - no, at legal speeds" to Scunthorpe Baths Hall to play records - "really the most expensive jukebox in town."


  • Th' Faith Healers, #5 (repeat). Recorded 1994-01-27. Available on Peel Sessions (Ba Da Bing! Records. Released November 2005). Thanks to user SPP for pointing this out (SIG).
  • DJ Hell, one and only session. Recording date unknown, produced at artist's own studio. No known commercial release.


Part One

(JP: 'Apparently, they nicked all of their best ideas from Elastica...I'm not too worried about all this stuff about Elastica copying the Stranglers and Wire and stuff, because they do it so well, frankly, that I'm quite happy for them to continue doing it.')
(JP: 'I'm always moved by the sight of babies crying. Nowadays, of course, it's me that does the crying.')
(10:30 News break)

Part Two

(End of Sonic Youth track)
(JP: 'The original, actually, is one of my favourite singing along in the car records. You should hear me doing it too: full throat, really rather impressive, veins snapping like piano wire in my forehead.')
(JP: 'The Duran Duran tune. First time I've ever said the word Duran Duran on the programme, I think, although somebody did once write and tell me I played their very first single: this could be the case.')
(11:30 News, edited out)

Part Three

Part Four

(end of Robert Armani track)
(12:30 News break)

Tracks marked # also available on File 5


  • Peel Show 1995-03-17 pt 1.mp3
  • Peel Show 1995-03-17 pt 2.mp3
  • Peel Show 1995-03-17 pt 3.mp3
  • Peel Show 1995-03-17 pt 4.mp3
  • 5) 1995-03-xx-05-xx Peel Spring 1995
  • Part 1: 0:46:36
  • Part 2: 0:40:43
  • Part 3: 0:45:40
  • Part 4: 0:43:23
  • 5) 1:00:05 (0:07:47 to )
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