• 1990-11-17
  • New Farm single, 'All Together Now', played for second time. John is also so impressed with the Main Source 12 inch that he plays both sides of it (although he appears to dislike the fact that they add a message to their friends at the end).
  • Peel mentioned that he was going to play Cliff Richard's My Feet Hit The Ground after Sludgeworth's Two Feet On The Ground, but didn't have a copy of the record.
  • Peel says he'll play a track from the Wild Swans on tomorrow night's programme. The track coming from 'The Zoo' Uncaged 1978-1982 compilation album.
  • Peel reads a letter from someone who suggests that an engineer plays records for him. He then illustrates by playing and stopping the Sandmen record a few times to illustrate this, before playing the full track from them.
  • JP is rather sarcastic about CDs when he receives one that doesn't play properly.


  • Mighty Force, one and only session. Recorded 1990-11-06. No known commercial release.
  • Swervedriver, one and only session (repeat). Recorded 1990-07-31. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'Somebody was telling me that a member of the Butthole Surfers is in town and invited me to get in touch with him, and so on, and discuss record label and forthcoming LP, and whatever else I wanted to discuss. Of course, I'm tempted to do that, but you can't help but thinking at the same time, you know, that they're going to introduce foreign bodies into your gruel. Makes me rather apprehensive about the whole process.')
(JP: 'The next person who phones me up on the fluff line to tell me the thing that starts off the Farm track is Pachelbel's Canon loses a limb.')
(JP: 'I must go and worship at their feet when they come over here.')

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