• 1991-11-17
  • A listener mentions the BBC's dramatisation of the infamous Oz obscenity trial of 1970, that had been broadcast the previous weekend. In the programme, Peel was played by the actor Nigel Planer. "I thought it was rather good. He got the accent wrong actually... but rather embarrassingly he got all of my factial tics and mannerisms and unfortunate ducking and weaving off to a tee. My family were much impressed with it."
  • Tracks on two continuous files forming the last 2 hours of the show. In addition, the SL Tapes have split the show into a guitar stream starting with L048.1 tracksmarked ~, followed by on L048.2 tracks marked ¶, then L023 tracks marked §. The Dance stream starts with L061 Tiger 91 tracks marked £, followed by L014, tracks marked #.
  • The running order of the first hour of the show is slightly speculative, but is based on the order of the tracks on the two streams, edits on the main guitar stream, and the timings of the tracks relative to the news.


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  • a) John Peel 19911117 - 128 kbps Part 2.mp3
  • b) JP19911117.mp3
  • c) L014a.mp3
  • d) L014b.mp3
  • e) 1991-11-17 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete) L023~.mp3
  • f) L048.1
  • g) L048.2
  • h) Tiger 91.mp3
  • i) 1991-11-xx Peel Show LE120
  • a) 1:57:55 (only 1:30:00 from this show, rest is news then silence - starts with Lethal track)
  • b) 2:02:44 (composed of 90 mins of higher fidelity recordings combined with pieces of file (a) to make up 2/3 of the complete show). Another 46 minutes from the L tapes before this amount to 2:49:00. So show is nearly complete.
  • c) 0:47:11
  • d) 0:40:19 (to 15:10)
  • e) 33:51
  • f) 44.25 (from 33.19)
  • g) 45.39
  • h) 1:24:56 (from 1:14:04)
  • i) 1:29:15 (to 27:36) (19:21-21:16 unique)
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