• BBC Radio One
  • 1970-10-17
  • Tracklisting below is from Volume 1 of the Decktician Logs. Many thanks to Decktician, Ken Garner for copying and additional information, and Rocker for acting as central HQ.
  • Differences between a few titles given in the tracklisting and Peel's announcements, as shown below.
  • Three "one-session wonders" are featured, with repeats for the historic session by Son House and the sole session by Dr. Strangely Strange. Peel is still deeply impressed by Son House's session and says he hopes it will be preserved in the BBC Archives.
  • Peel mentions that he and John Walters went to the College of St Mark and St John’s in Kings Road earlier in the week, although he doesn't say why - presumably to talk to the students. He says that after an unproductive first hour, they “sat down and thrashed out a lot of things…..a very instructive session
  • A first broadcast for The Amazing Band's only Top Gear session. They were a free-jazz outfit with a floating line-up, based around trumpeter Mal Dean (known for his cartoons in Melody Maker) and violinist Rab Spall, who appeared on the version of Robert Wyatt's "Moon In June" on the LP Soft Machine - Third. Producer John Walters was interested in free jazz at the time and was probably responsible for booking them. Walters attempted to defend them at their BBC audition, saying "A band concerned with experiments in free improvisation can hardly be failed as there is no real yardstick to measure them by", but the panel weren't impressed. Comments included "Pretentious....boring....a musical confidence trick of the first order" (quoted in Ken Garner, The Peel Sessions, p.252)
  • The Rod Stewart track "Lady Day" may be a tribute to Billie Holiday, although the lyrics describe a "one-sided love affair" from the singer's viewpoint. The song's title is the nickname Holiday was given by Lester Young.
  • JP says “Welcome back, Ron Yeats” – he scored in Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Burnley


  • Amazing Band #1 Only broadcast of only session, Recorded 1970-09-29. No known commercial release.
  • Son House #1 Repeat of only session. First broadcast 11 July 1970. Recorded 1970-07-06. No known commercial release.
  • Dr Strangely Strange #1 Repeat of only session. First broadcast 06 June 1970. Recorded 1970-05-26. No known commercial release.

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  • J P Top Gear 17 Oct 1970.mp3
  • 1:37:57
  • Many thanks to the original taper, and to Tim for purchasing from eBay and digitisation
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