• 1979-09-17
  • Almost a complete show as we re-unite T157 (the last portion of the show) with T150 (the start of the show) and T151 the middle portion.
  • Peel says he must remember to recommend The Stickers to Mike Read and then talks about how he relieved he is that SLF are still sounding good.
  • Reads out the other Radio 1 DJ's records of the week (DLT: Cheap Trick / Simon Bates: Secret Service / Paul Burnett: The Knack / Andy Peebles: The Trainspotters / Kid Jensen: Buggles)
  • Also mentions that he enjoys Mondays because he gets to listen to Dance Band Days show on Radio 2 & The Archers on Radio 4 as he drives to work.
  • Most interestingly he claims that "they" record the show each night and listen back the next day - so maybe some other official archive of these shows exists in the vaults of the BBC? Embarrassed to admit he said "and err.." 63 times the previous Wednesday 12 September 1979!



JP: "Of course, a different version of that is the A-side of the new single. The B-side, a bit of a challenge to me, incidentally (laughs). If you get a copy of the record and you read the words, you'll see what I mean." [1]

-tape ends cuts to

-Tape turn over-side cut

JP: "You've probably noticed that this season so far I haven't been talking an awful lot on the programmes about football. Middlesboro are one of the teams above Liverpool at the moment - well, not for long I rather suspect. [3] And here's a band from that area."

-tape ends cuts to

JP: "Tomorrow night, tracks from that new LP by Bob Marley and the Wailers, and a new session from Wire and a repeat of that from Madness, who are currently top of my list of bands that I really have got to see - along with the Specials. I mean it's ridiculous that I haven't seen either of them. It's pressure of work you see! Here am I, stuck in here every night. Never get to see anyone really. Don't feel sorry for me at all, do you? (tuts) Typical. Goodnight!"
  • Tracks marked @ available on File 2


  • 1) 1979-09-17 John Peel Radio 1.flac
  • 2) 1979-09-17 Peel Show JS35.mp3
  • 1) 01:53:12 (some gaps where the 3 tapes were swapped over but otherwise a complete show) (It is possible that the second and third segments are reversed, as Jimmy's session tape, which generally had the tracks in the correct order, have the session tracks in reverse order.
  • 2) 15:18
  1. The B-side is called 'You Can't Say Crap On The Radio'. It contains the line, "Not even Uncle John will get to play this song." Most likely a reference to Peel.
  2. Actually a cover of The Beatles "I Should Have Known Better".
  3. At this stage of the season, Liverpool's record was P5, W2, D2, L1. They were eighth in the table. Link to Div One table as it stood on this day.
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