• 2002-04-18
  • Start of show: “Hello, chums. We’re at Peel Acres with Travis Cut in session."
  • Eastern Lane are from Berwick-upon-Tweed. Peel has fond memories of driving through the town on his way to Edinburgh for John Peel Roadshow appearances: "You went over this nice bridge and then turned left and up a hill and on towards Edinburgh. Now of course you go round on a by-pass. No fun at all."
  • Peel recalls Oklahoma City: “I was on radio station KOMA Oklahoma City in ’65-’66, and it was located in Moore, Oklahoma, just outside Oklahoma City, which is where I lived. It was subsequently flattened by a tornado, I think, or a lot of it was. And I used to do a thing called the Paul & John Show, which was the breakfast programme, with an excellent man called Paul Miller, who I would love to hear from or track down in some way, but American DJs at that time, it may still be the case, used to change names as they drifted from station to station. When I was on This Is Your Life all those years ago, they tried to find Paul Miller, but couldn’t because presumably he had changed his name, which is a great pity, because he was an excellent man. And we were once the focus of a halftime show in a homecoming game between two local American (obviously American) high school football teams, which was a great honour and terrifically exciting, let me tell you.”
  • The John Peel Roadshow is apparently due to play again at Fabric (Aug. 2, supposedly) as well as at Sonar in a few weeks’ time, although he claims to be having a crisis of confidence about this (says this is something that even affects 62-year-olds).
  • JP says he paid a pound for the evening’s Pig's Big 78 in London about six weeks previously. Notes that the record is an 8” and rates it “a bit of a gem”, although not terrific sound quality.
  • Email from Skreen of the Cuban Boys, who says he dreamed Peel was serving him in a sweet shop and trying to give him a big bag of chocolate coins for the same price as a small one. Happily, “no bodily fluids were exchanged.”


  • Travis Cut #3 First broadcast. Recorded 2002-03-02. No known commercial release.


(JP: "And after MQ, MJQ. That's unforgivable really...")
(JP: "I remember buying that record when I was a kid and thinking it was fantastically cool because all of my friends hated it.")


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