• 1978-08-18
  • After the previous show (17 August 1978), when Peel promised not to start and end tonight with Siouxsie and Ashley Hutchings, he does the reverse - starting with AH and ending with the Banshees (although the latter are followed by the Kop Choir).
  • Most of the show is now available, though a few minutes are missing, mainly at the start of the file and some tape flips. Following the appearance of T019, the order of remaining segments has been revised, as sides a and b of T020 must have been recorded in reverse order. The file has been combined into one and reuploaded.
  • Earlier in the evening, Peel has been to an NME function for a departing staff member, discussed Only Ones singles with Kid Jensen, and also visited the Marquee to see Hot Water supporting the Ramrods. [1]
  • Hilarious section before the Who track, where he refers to his earlier appearance on Kaleidoscope on Radio 4 discussing with Paul Gambaccini an exhibition of Who memoribilia at the ICA. The last time he did something like this Walters had pointed out that he had adopted an entirely different accent. To demonstrate this he plays a clip of his Kaleidoscope appearance before cutting over it with "What a prat!"
  • JP ends the show by playing the Kop Choir to mark the return of "a greater reality" the next day - the start of the new football season. Peel plans to be at Anfield to watch Liverpool's first game (against QPR, a 2-1 win).
  • Last words: "Where are you, Kid Jerkin?" (Fellow DJ and friend David Jensen was a QPR fan, although he later switched to Crystal Palace).
  • Good quality recording of the show has become available via tape DB002 of the Derby Box from the start of the program through to the Chilli Willi track. The rest of the show was on the original tape DB003 but this was erased (marked as DG on the tracklisting sheets - for Degaussed!)


  • Blast Furnace only session, recorded 19th June 1978, repeat, first broadcast by JP 11 July 1978, originally broadcast by KJ 3rd July 1978. Referred to as "Blast Furnace And" by JP, as "Blast Furnace +" by the cassette tracklistings, "Blast Furnace And the Heatwaves" by Ken's Book but simply as "Blast Furnace" on Discogs. Featured NME journalist Charlies Sharr Murray.
  • Hits: only session, recorded 6th June 1978, repeat, first broadcast 23 June 1978. The band were generally known as the Snivelling Shits, but changed their name for the session. Feaured Sounds journalist Giovanni Dadamo.

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(JP: “That’s the Dorset Four Hand Reel to start tonight’s programme.”)
  • Hits: Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima (session)
  • 999: Feeling Alright With The Crew (single) United Artists
(JP: “I was just cruising through the review of that record by Paul Thingy [confirmed by a copy of the issue in question to be Paul Rambali, not the better-known Paul Morley] in this week’s New Musical Express. I think I must have been talking to him earlier this evening, judging by the photograph. I never realized who he was.”)
(JP ... with their tribute to the sound of complacency)
(JP - 'As one of the very few people on the planet who sat down and listened to the entire 26-LP set of Consequences I wasn't really looking forward a great deal to the new LP by Godley & Creme, which is just called L, the letter L as in Steve Hillage, and I was greatly surprised when I did listen to it, some of it is very good indeed, a strong Zappa influence throughout it, on most of the tracks, and on this one, the voice of Paul Gambaccini can be heard')


  • 1) 1978-08-18 Tapes 019 020 and 021.mp3
  • 2) 1978-08-18 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB002+DB010.mp3
  • 1) 1:53:00
  • 2) 1:49:35
  • 1) File created from T019, T020 and T021 of 400 Box. Digitised by Weatherman22 and Rok. Fairly good quality AM mono, though with a slight high pitched AM heterodyne interference noted at times. Occasional fades of the left hand channel on T020 and T021, and some overdriving on the right hand channel on T019, have been equalised using Audacity.
  • 2) available in high quality from tape DB002 and DB010 of the Derby Box
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