• 1995-08-18
  • Phil Harris (best known as the voice of Baloo in Disney's The Jungle Book) had died on August 11, and, following the Laurent Garnier session track of the same name, Peel plays his comedy song The Thing (which also turned up in the 1950 Peelenium).
  • Peel informs his listeners that they can now send emails ( Later on (before the Hladna Pivo track), he receives his very first, from Robert Manuel, asking if he can play anything from the new Goldie album. Predictably, he can't, because his copy is in Peel Acres.
  • Several recordings are available the first (a) includes two hour 18 minute of the show. The second (b) is a recording of almost the complete show, though around 5 minutes appear to be lost at the tape flip, and the very start of the programme is missed. Nonetheless, with both files, the show is now complete. Selected dance/international tracks are available on file (c) d) and e)


  • Laurent Garnier, one and only session. Recorded 1995-06-01. No known commercial release.
  • I'm Being Good, #1 (repeat). Recorded 1994-09-10. No known commercial release. A fifth track included in the original bradcast, 'Flying Fatso', not TX in this show.


(JP: 'I want you to know that yesterday, well I felt something land on me hair, just about 10 o' clock in the evening, what's left of me hair anyway, and running my hands playfully through it, I got zapped by a wasp, a nasty zapping indeed, a kind of double zap, with the result that I have a right hand which is about twice the size of my left hand. It's an amusing talking point, but as you can see it doesn't affect my abilities on the wheels of steel.')
(JP: 'When I was about 10 years old, that was the hugest thing in the entire world. Forget Blur, Oasis.')
(JP: 'Honga! I mean, that's the title of the track, although it does sound like the sort of word Prince Andrew would use for "breasts".')


  • (a) Peel Show 1995-08-18 (incomplete)
  • (b) Peel Show 1995-08-18
  • (c) Dat_091_JP-MIX_BBCR1-.mp3
  • d) 1995-07-xx-08-xx Peel Show LE237
  • e) 1995-08-xx Peel Show LE238
  • (a) 02:18:23
  • (b) 02:51:40
  • (c) 03:58:40 (01:40:27 to 02:51:59)
  • d) 1:33:52 (from 1:09:13)
  • e) 1:28:00 (to 1:01:32)
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