• HappySad
  • 2003-12-18
  • Not a Peel show as such, but a German-language programme leading up to his final show for Radio Eins, featuring an interview with JP, conducted by Helmut Heimann, who also translates it into German for the benefit of listeners with limited English.
  • The presenters explain why he isn't doing any more shows for the station - his autobiography has to take precedence (a "verdammt triftiger Grund"), so people won't be able to hear him in Berlin & Brandenburg (or in Finland, for that matter) after the final show.
  • The two presenters speak about their own attitude to Peel. Helmut Heimann is the more knowledgeable one, having first heard JP on BFBS in the mid-70s (he uses the word "Entjungferung", i.e. defloration/loss of virginity, to describe the experience) when living in southern Germany; the female presenter doesn't seem so enthusiastic but says she first listened to Peel in the late 1970s in her hometown of Hanover. They run through JP's career & punctuate it with music & his own comments; he covers the period he later wrote up in "Margrave", from the start of his US career to the Perfumed Garden, Top Gear and the Peel Sessions.
  • They point out that his love of new music (which he justifies in the interview) co-exists with what they call "Grass-Roots-Forschen" ("research") in fields such as blues & reggae, as well as a fascination with old records. They make appreciative comments about JP's presentation style, especially his "Sprachmelodie" & "Humor" and are charmed by his remark that he regretted not being able to go to Potsdam more often, because of the town's motor racing circuit (which he'd read about in his childhood) rather than its role in German history.


  • Dennis Brown: In My Neighbourhood (?)
  • Undertones: Teenage Kicks
  • Discussion and first part of interview
  • Ballboy: All the Records on the Radio Are Shite (the woman presenter is fooled by the false ending and then suggests that JP's listeners sometimes thought he was playing "Scheisse" - "Mein Gott...")
  • (Peel talkins about meeting JFK, attending Lee Harvey Oswald's press conference, returning to Britain, joining first Radio London and then the BBC)
  • David Bowie: London Bye Ta Ta
  • Pink Floyd: Fearless
  • (Peel's story of how he and the Floyd were friends "before they became millionaires and stopped talking to me"; they heard him playing the Kop singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" repeatedly on "Top Gear" and were inspired to add it to the ending of this track, from the 1971 album "Meddle")
  • Fall: Mountain Energy (his "absoluter Lieblingsband")
  • The presenters wind up the show in a "happy-sad" mood, with Peel's regrets that he wasn't able to come to Potsdam more often.


  • Radio Eins - Peel Interview
  • 00:48:19
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