• 1982-01-18

(Adapted from message from "thebarguest" to Peel Mailing List)

  • Having made the existing 30-minute version of this show available to the Peel community a few years ago, I fortunately recently came across this expanded version (80 minutes). This is truly a classic Peel show - one of the best I've ever heard from my favourite period.
  • An unusual jokey intro/opening (possibly unique) - was this a prank by a "Paul"?
  • Sessions are by a great little reggae band called Carnastoan (which Peely pronounces "Cornerstone" all the time), and Pink Industry from Liverpool.
  • There's a record by a chap called Timmy Thomas from 1972, which starts off sounding like Ultravox circa 1978, a great gothy, Cure-esque number from a New Zealand outfit called Dance Macabre - very 1982 - some simply spliffing reggae from Yellowman, and three songs from Californian eccentric and Zappa's friend/enemy, Captain Beefheart.
  • Peely's banter is top class - funny, interesting, almost stand-up quality.


  • Further remastered version now available, courtesy of Bill (see Files section below).
  • Captain Beefheart's birthday was the previous Friday.
  • Mary Monday & The Bitches single was found in John Peel's Record Box. He remarks how difficult it is to get hold of a copy.
  • Session band Pink Industry were the successors of Pink Military, who were themselves an off-shoot of Big In Japan.
  • Milkshakes featured guitar and vocal skills of "Wild" Billy Childish, previously been in the Pop Rivets. Peel mentions that Childish has been pestering him to play a track from the band's debut album, but he claims he'd lost his copy and only received a new one that evening,
  • More on this show at Kat's Karavan.
  • A short extract from this show, featuring the Pink Industry session track 'Tomorrow', was used on the BBC crime thriller The Field Of Blood in 2011.


  • Pink Industry #1 (first broadcast, recorded 1982-01-04)
  • Carnastoan #1 (repeat, recorded 1981-12-01, first broadcast 1982-01-04)

(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


(tape flip)

Trailer for Adrian Love's Talkabout


  • (1) Peel 820118 - pt1.mp3
  • (2) Peel 820118 - pt2.mp3
  • (3) RADIO 1 18 01 82 JOHN PEEL.MP3
  • (4) 1982-01-18 John Peel Radio (Incomplete).mp3
  • (1) 39.01
  • (2) 40.46
  • (3) 29.57
  • (4) 1.19.53
  • (1), (2) Remastered version: ("the barguest") I've remastered the original mp3 files using Audacity - if anyone would like these to have a go themselves, just ask and I'll upload them. I think the audio quality now is pretty good FM (and stereo); it would be very nice if the 400 Box provided the rest of the show.
  • (3) Shorter original shared version (starts Talkabout trailer, ends at Pink Industry song Tomorrow)
  • (4) Brings together (1) and (2) in one file, with additional remastering. (thebarguest: "There must be some out there who like to remake/remodel old music recordings (Hi Bill !)". Bill: "OK, well I had a go, but only to make it more "listenable" to my ears, the very one's that were destroyed by Black Sabbath at the Liverpool Empire in 1975. I couldn't find the Danse Macabre or Methos Actors songs, or I would have patched them in.")
  • Many thanks to thebarguest and Bill!
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