• 1988-01-18
  • (K) ...and here at last is my favourite of my Peel show tapes: John on More Music Monday in January 1988 - the day when daytime DJs were under orders to talk much less, which they did not like - with the first session by Bob, and a repeat of the Wedding Present Ukrainian first session, plus loads of groovy records and segues - just listen to that segue from Mighty Mighty to James Brown, wow!. And how about Jimmy Bo Horne's forgotten disco classic 'Spank'? Wonderful mix of indie, African, rap, house, oldies, reggae, RnB, everything. Like the lunchtime shows, Peel really sticks it to the daytime boys here as to how to put together what he rightly calls "a rockin' show". Side 1 or part 1 is unedited, but I made two live edits, with finger on the pause button, in part 2, and I estimate about 20-22 minutes of this show and possibly 5 or 6 records are missing, all from the second half. One day I'll find out what is missing. For now, dig it!



(JP: 'Well I understand there's been some sulking about 'More Music Monday' so I've put together a good rockin' programme to cheer the guys up a bit. Sessions from Bob and Wedding Present and what do you think about this?')
  • Cheesy Radio 1 'John Peel' jingle.
  • Bomb The Bass: Beat Dis (single) Mister-Ron
(JP: 'Bit disappointing about Prince Edward going to work for Andrew Lloyd Webber rather than coming to help out as my assistant, but there you are, can't win them all I suppose.')
(JP: 'This next one is what we DJs call, if we're talking at all, a happening sound.')
(JP: 'Earlier in the programme I played you a track from the Piranha Records LP 'Ambuya' by Stella Chiweshe and others, and promised you another track. And this, I think, is quite wonderful. I was listening to it at home this morning, had the house to myself, and I was dancing around my room like nobody's business, which for a chap in my condition not a good idea (laughs) probably!')
(JP: 'Well you'll hear that one again and no mistake.')


  • a) Peel 1988-01-18a
  • b) Peel 1988-01-18b (edit)
  • a) 00:46:08
  • b) 00:45:37
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