• 1990-06-18
  • The World Cup continues. Peel appears to be watching the Argentina v Romania game and describes Maradona as "an awful whinger". Also suggests diving should be made a sending-off offense. The match ends 1-1, enough for both teams to advance to the knockout stages, despite Argentina's third-place finish in the group, which was won by Cameroon.
  • JP also suggests that Nicky Campbell, still in Italy for the World Cup, will be "in a better mood than he was last week". (Scotland had won their second group match, 2-1 against Sweden, after losing the first to Costa Rica.)
  • The Teenage Fanclub gig mentioned is presumably the one at Glasgow College with Dawson on 1990-03-16. (See 15 March 1990.)



(JP: "And you've probably seen the reviews of the debut LP by Teenage Fanclub. Here's a track from it. I saw them live up in Glasgow a few months ago and thought they were OK, you know, but wasn't wildly enthusiastic over them, but there is some good stuff on the LP.")
(JP: "It is always very useful when you get stacks of information with a record - Tony the bass player comes from Hereford, where his dad works as a baker, that kind of stuff. But at the same time there is something intriguing about getting a record with no information at all. This is my way of telling you that I know nothing at all about this next record beyond the fact that it appears to be by somebody or some people called C, simply the letter C.")
(JP: "And I lost interest in the Traveling Wilburys it must be admitted with the death of Roy Orbison, but their current single is issued in a very good cause for Romania … the Romanian Angel Appeal it is issued in favour of. And Rumania of course particularly in the news at the moment. You feel as if the door had been opened for them and is now in the process of being slammed in their face again. The Traveling Wilburys and a version of a song which I remember as by Lonnie Donegan in fact, quite some years ago.")
(JP: "I must play you the Lonnie Donegan version one evening, I'm sure you'll like it a great deal. At the end of last week, I was sent a bunch of recent singles from the Sympathy For The Record Industry record label. By the far the best of them was by Hole.")


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