• 1996-03-18
  • (Ken): Here's another oddity from my dwindling complete show archive: the first of 12 shows in 1996 (Mon-Thur for one week in March, April and October respectively) in which Peel travelled to Manchester and sat in for Mark Radcliffe on his then R1 show 10pm-midnight. Not a normal Peel show, then (I think you can tell it's still essentially Radcliffe's show in the music selection and programming by producer Lis), but very funny and enjoyable nonetheless, with Lard and Simon Armitage in the studio, and Number One Cup playing in live from Studio 3 downstairs "in the basement". This is one I taped myself off-air and completely forgot I had, until Roger Olive and I found the DATs of most of these shows waiting to be ripped at Maida Vale in 2007 (see book p186). So this one is also in the official BBC archive, which is a very good thing...
  • JP starts playing Impala a second time by mistake, and then does the same thing with the Captain Beefheart track shortly afterwards.
  • Last four tracks are a “psychedelic mix”.
  • Simon Armitage wrote about the experience of being on the Radcliffe show with JP in his book All Points North (p77-79).


  • Number One Cup #1 Live in Manchester studio. No known commercial release.



(Tape flip)



  • Peel is Radcliffe 1996-03-18a.mp3
  • Peel is Radcliffe 1996-03-18b.mp3
  • 01:03
  • 00:59
  • (Alan) Here then is the edited version of part a with the missing link at the end: [3]. This version is called Peel-1996-03-18-For-Radcliffe-a-(edit).mp3. Genuine obsessives should remove the first couple of seconds from part b !
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