John Peel presents TOTP in November, 1982

  • BBC One (TV)
  • 1982-11-18
  • You can call me an old silly if you like, but I think this is the best line-up for TOTP we’ve had for a very long time indeed. Laughter and melody, and lots of good clean fun. Here are Modern Romance!
  • Ah, don’t you just love those exotic Latin rhythms, eh? That’s Modern Romance, and now it’s Daryl Hall and John Oates.
  • Told you it was going to be a good TOTP, didn’t I? That’s The Human League at No.9. Now eyes down for a full house, No.13 – unlucky for some, Duran Duran... this is “Rio”.
  • The thing is... which one’s Simon? That’s Duran Duran and “Rio” which turns out to be a person rather than a geographical location. And up next, the wonderful Tears For Fears.
  • That’s Tears For Fears, and I really wanted that to get to No.1. Mind you, it still could. One of the singles of the year anyway. And here’s another one of them – from Blancmange... “Living on the ceiling”!
  • Back to No.24... Renee and Renato coming up. See if you can guess which one’s which!
  • What an achingly lovely melody! Renee and Renato... I think I’m going to have to have a word with them after the programme. Now back to the charts.
  • I can do that... gis a job! That’s Wham! at No.10 and now we’re going to rejoin the charts at No.9.



thumb|250px|left|Modern Romance - Best Years Of Our Lives

thumb|250px|left|HUMAN LEAGUE - MIRROR MAN

thumb|250px|left|Duran Duran - Rio

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