• 1989-10-18
  • Peel mentioned that the Charlottes wanted a lot of guitar sound in the session and when the engineers bound down to this, the band after hearing it on a cassette changed their minds and wanted a bit less of the guitar sound. By that time, Peel mentioned that it was too late, but after hearing the session, he thought it wasn't too bad.
  • Peel plays a request from a listener who wrote in to say that he wanted to hear Sharon singing a Hindi language cover of Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry called Hum Aajnabi Hai.
  • Peel sets a competition for listeners to win copies of the compilation Nothing Short Of Total War album by Blast First records. The question is What record is catalogue number BFFP 1?'. It turns out BFFP 1 is Sonic Youth's Bad Moon Rising LP.
  • Peel reveals that he interviewed the Charlottes on his BBC Radio Cambridgeshire show and mentions the band comes from Huntingdon and not Cambridge as some media outlets have mentioned.



  • Prince B: Ode To A Forgetful Mind (It's A Shame) (12") Pet Project
(JP: 'Always nice to hear an MC whose brains are located above the waist')
(JP: 'The Jesus And Mary Chain, still my favorite track from Automatic')
(JP: 'It seems to me, I have to ask somebody like Ken Garner about this, because he is an educated man, but perhaps it's a 20th century thing and a product perhaps of television and radio, but certain something taken up by the press, the idea that people who produce good work or have produced good work sometime in the past are able to talk interestingly or constructively about it someway, seems to be a non sector to that. Anyway')
(Let's Spend The Night Together trailer by Nicky Campbell)

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  • 3) John Peel Sessions - October 1989
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  1. A cover of Shocking Blue's track.
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