• 2001-10-18
  • Start of show: “Come on in, boys and girls. Welcome to Peel Acres.”
  • Anita the producer suspects the existence of a rude word in the first session track by ARE Weapons. Peel claims she’s the type of person who thinks shadows on the bedroom ceiling are made by men waving their willies in a nearby building, but later has to admit she was probably right (about the rude words).
  • Further to Tuesday’s show, plays Dancing Queen by Cheeze – at two speeds (unsure which sounds best - it's a 7" that plays at 33/3 rpm). The single later turned up in John Peel's Record Box.
  • The Bailter Space track is added to the programme after a request from a listener in New Zealand.
  • Peel says he remembers the Pig's Big 78 being #1 in the chart in December 1954 (note, it may have actually been January 1955).
  • Earlier that evening Sheila has been to watch Ipswich draw 0-0 with Helsingborg in the UEFA Cup.
  • Peel recalls producing an unnamed band on Dandelion Records: “It was around the time of Hey Jude, which started to fade about half way through and there was about a four minute fade on it. So I persuaded these people to let me start fading from the moment the record started. So the record, I can’t remember how it went, but I mean it just came in with a bang and then faded from that point on until it disappeared completely some three and a half or four minutes later. And I thought it was a pretty neat idea. It's one you can use yourselves if you're in record production. It never got released, though, alas.”
  • Peel is told by listener his website pic bears a striking resemblance to Bill Oddie: “I never thought I looked like him for a second.”


  • ARE Weapons, #1. First broadcast of only session. Recorded 2001-08-01. No known commercial release.


JP: "There's no Pig here at the moment. She's been at Portman Road and isn't going to be too happy I think with tonight's result. Just hope she doesn't come back and knock me about a bit."


  • 58. John Peel 18-10-01
  • 02:00:18
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