• 1978-09-18
  • Derby Box recording cuts in part of the way through the Rolling Stones track.
  • Three each from the new albums by the Ramones and the Cortinas and two from Wire, causing John to bemoan the lack of continuity in playing the records piecemeal.



(JP: 'One of these days, Frankie Miller's going to be famous. Or perhaps he isn't, I don't know: he's been around long enough where he should be, because he sings better than most people do.') [1]
(JP: 'The only thing that actually happened to me last night was that I was woken up at about quarter past four by William, who wanted to discuss combine harvesters.')
(JP: 'Things seem to be going wrong on this programme, and I have no doubt at all that, some time before midnight, in about an hour's time, I shall take a record off when it's actually playing on the air, in the classic Dicky Lee Torpid manner.')


  • a) 1978-09-18 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB015+DB020
  • b) john peel 18th sept 78 side 1
  • c) john peel 18 sept 78 side 2
  • a) 1:40:05
  • b) 1:03:16
  • c) 0:59:30
  • a) File created from DB015 and DB020 of the Derby Box. Many thanks to Chris and Rob.
  • b) c) Many thanks to Tim.
  1. The following month, this single climbed to no.6 in the UK charts.
  2. Bettye Crutcher cover.
  3. Peel is unsure of who or what Palinurus was: according to Wikipedia, "Palinurus, in Roman mythology and especially Virgil's Aeneid, is the helmsman of Aeneas's ship. Later authors used him as a general type of navigator or guide." [1]
  4. Bob Marley & The Wailers cover.
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