• 1979-09-18
  • Extended Grinderswitch intro as Peel complains of not having got his opening notes ready in time due to Mike Read chatting to him.
  • JP has a cold. Comment on this: "Have you noticed that, when I get colds...I've said this to you voice gets very sexy, doesn't it? No? Oh well. if that's the attitude you're going to take, you know what you can do!"
  • Peel notes that Madness are at #23 in the Top 40 singles chart with 'The Prince'. JP says that he prefers the session version. Later on he says that he can't wait to see them live in concert.
  • He is pleased to have received a postcard from Norway from the group Crisis, who were on tour there.
  • The last 7 tracks on File 1 in this recording are not in broadcast order. A likely explanation is that the show was recorded until the end of the tape, which was then rewound and the contents taped over beginning with the Revillos track. NB that explanation can't be right as the content following the Revillos as evidenced by the Derby Box tape were found later on on the 400 Box tape.


  • Madness, one and only session (repeat). Recorded 1979-08-14. Issued on Strange Fruit LP SFPS007 (now deleted, along with entire Strange Fruit catalogue). Available on deluxe 2009 reissue of debut LP 'One Step Beyond'. Missing track, due to brevity of tape: 'Stepping Into Line'.
  • Wire, #3. A one-track session, around 15 minutes long. Recorded 1979-09-11. Issued on Strange Fruit (SFRCD108).


JP: "Those of you who were listening to Round Table last weekend with Kid Jerkin will know that Dickie Lee Torpid himself is also getting a little worried about the preponderance of Cockney accents on records these days. Mind you, he was talking at the time about those well-known Londoners The Skids."
JP: "Would you ever forgive me if I told you that I bought that when it first came out?"
(end of show beckons - Grinderswitch starts)


  • 1) 1979-09-18 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete but longer).mp3
  • 2) 1979-09-18 John Peel Radio 1 DB109+DB110.mp3
  • 3) 1979-09-18 Peel Show DB109 DB110 v2.mp3
  • 1) 01:24:54
  • 2) 01:57:05
  • 3) 01:55:54
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