26 October 1999


  1. Jimmy Reed: 'Too Much'
  2. Bern Elliott & The Fenmen: 'Money'
  3. Beatles: 'I Saw Her Standing There'
  4. Lonnie Mack: 'Memphis'


  • President John F. Kennedy shot and killed in Dallas, Texas
  • Country star Patsy Cline killed in plane crash
  • born in Singapore
  • Beatles release their first and second LPs
  • Yugoslavia proclaimed a socialist republic under General Tito
  • Alec Douglas-Home succeeds Harold MacMillan as British Prime Minister
  • First episode of BBC's science-fiction series Dr. Who
  • First push-button telephone


  • At the time, Peel was working at the Repubic Life National Insurance Company in Dallas. After Kennedy's assassination, he pretended to be a reporter for the lIverpool Echo and was present when Lee Harvey Oswald was introduced to the press.