• March 3: Police raid Middle Earth club in Covent Garden, London. Peel, who DJs regularly at club, expresses sympathy in his IT column for victims of police harassment .
  • March 17: violent anti-Vietnam War demo in Grosvenor Square, London; Peel is present.
  • April 4: Martin Luther King shot dead in Memphis, sparking riots in major US towns and cities.
  • May: student revolt and workers' strikes in Paris threaten De Gaulle's government.
  • June 5: assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Peel pays tribute to him on Night Ride.
  • August 21-23: Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia to crush Dubcek government's "Prague Spring".
  • October: First sextuplets born in UK.
  • November: Richard Nixon elected US President. Peel meets future wife Sheila ("Pig") while appearing on TV show "How It Is".
  • November 22: The Beatles release The Beatles, later known as the White Album.

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