In 1976, Peel recorded ten shows featuring the histories of major British bands, including related artists. These were broadcast when he was on holiday over two weeks in August. At the end of the fourth one, he commented:

"I'm sure you must have realised by now these programmes are not really intended as in-depth probing analyses of a group's work, but as I'm equally sure you must have realised, an excuse for playing some of my favourite records."

The shows reflected the widespread mid-1970s audience interest in retrospectives and LP reissues, but in the context of Peel's career, they may be viewed as drawing a line under the Top Gear years and clearing the way for punk, New Wave and beyond - even though Peel's first "punk special" wouldn't be until 10 December 1976 and the influence of the old guard would continue to be felt in the 1976 Festive Fifty.


(Dates from Ken Garner's listing in The Peel Sessions, p.216)

Show Show Date Band
1 09 August 1976 Who
2 10 August 1976 Family
3 11 August 1976 Roxy Music
4 12 August 1976 Fairport Convention
5 13 August 1976 Rolling Stones
6 16 August 1976 Cream
7 17 August 1976 Soft Machine
8 18 August 1976 Faces
9 19 August 1976 Yardbirds / Led Zeppelin
10 20 August 1976 Beatles