1983 was an Estonian indie band featuring Tiina Randus (vocals), Sten Šeripov (guitar), Reimo Rüntü (bass) and Peeter Rääbis (drums). Not much information is known about the band in the English language media, although it seems the band split in 1993 and members of the group later on joined several bands, before some of them retiring from music.

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Peel saw 1983 perform in Tallinn, Estonia in 1992 and mentioned on his 01 August 1992 show that while he was visiting Russia and the Baltic states in the summer of that year, he noticed that many bands were very laddish and not had many females in them. The only exception he said was the group, 1983, which had a female singer. He then played a track from the band on the show and also mentioned that they sounded very Sarah like.

Shows Played

Soul of Tree

Soul of Tree

  • 01 August 1992: Soul Of Tree (The track was later available on a Baltics compilation album called Balts Bite Back! in 1993)

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