• John Peel Show
  • Rockradio
  • 1987-xx-xx
  • (Introduction to show, mood of Peel, interesting comments, etc. If possible, please add mentions of gigs attended, football matches, TV appearances, etc, for use elsewhere on John Peel Wiki.)
  • 1 and a bit songs, and 1 and a bit JP links, in one of which which he frets that his musical fare might not be quite what Rockradio anticipated. This might indicate that this is may be a portion of the first ever fortnightly Rockradio show, which may date it to 21st May 1987, but then again, might not.


  • cuts in...
  • Jackdaw With Crowbar: The Night Albania Fell On Alabama (12" EP -Monarchy Mayhem And Fishpaste) Ron Johnson
  • JP - 'In two weeks time when I do another one of these programmes, I'll try and speak a little more slowly and a little more clearly. I got rather excited tonight, I must admit.Because I'm nervous, as much as anything else, to be honest with you. And as I day I should be back in two weeks time, unless the Rockradio bosses say, 'eugh we were expecting lots of U2 and Simple Minds and we haven't got it, and we don't want any more of this. In which case, goodbye....'
  • Solution Unknown: - Control (7" EP - Taken For Granted E.P.) Self-Destruct No. 1
  • Cuts out during outro. There is only one more track in the show after this.


  • John Peel - Rock radio, Finland 1987 (unknown date 5 minute clip).mp3
  • 00:05:12
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