"As though anybody gave a tinker's cuss, I decided that my favourite LP of 1990 was the LP by Babes In Toyland, 'Spanking Machine', which was just that much ahead of the Fall LP, which in turn was that much ahead of the Mav Cacharel LP."
(John Peel, 29 December 1990)

Of the three albums mentioned by Peel as his favourites of 1990, Discogs suggests that those by Babes In Toyland and Mav Cacharel were actually first released in 1989 - although show playlists indicate these are the records that he meant.

A week earlier he had commented:

"I sat down to try and work out, as people who send in their Festive Fifty entries have to do, what my Festive Fifty entries would have been. This is absolutely true, I got it down to 160 tracks, and this was having excluded 20 LPs. I thought, "Well, I can't put all of 'Extricate' or the Babes In Toyland or Mav Cacharel LP in there." (22 December 1990)

Copies of both the Cacheral and Babes In Toyland LPs were later found when details of Peel's record collection were first made public via TheSpace website in 2012. The DJ gave his maximum three stars to four of the six tracks on the Cacheral album; the other two received a still more than respectable two stars.

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