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Now that guitar bands were commercially viable again, it was less surprising than it might have been that the likes of Ash, Elastica, Supergrass and Pulp were embarking on a minor invasion of the British singles charts without sacrificing an ounce of creative freedom or freshness, and helping to produce a Festive Fifty with a fair number of highly placed hit singles. It was refreshing too that Peel himself announced his approval of the chart....It had the most richly varied top twenty in the chart's history, and this has since been matched only by the conspicuously eclectic year of 1998. (Whitby, M., The Festive Fifty, Nevin Publishing, 2005, p. 42.)

*The top act was Pulp, with six entries: this included them holding down the top two positions, a feat only achieved by one other act, the Jesus And Mary Chain in 1985.

  • Mark E. Smith made chart history by appearing with three different acts: DOSE, Long Fin Killie and, of course, the Fall.
  • John was so obviously convinced of the merits of this chart that he repeated the top 15 on two programmes for BFBS, the only time he appears to have done so for his overseas output.


The Festive Fifty of 1995

  1. John_Peel's_Festive_Fifty_-_1995

    John Peel's Festive Fifty - 1995

    Pulp: "Common People"
  2. Pulp: "Sorted For Es & Wizz"
  3. Wedding Present: "Sucker"
  4. Ash: "Girl From Mars"
  5. Dreadzone: "Zion Youth"
  6. Ash: "Kung Fu"
  7. Fall: "Feeling Numb"
  8. Pulp: "I-Spy"
  9. Dreadzone: "Maximum"
  10. Long Fin Killie & Mark E Smith: "Heads Of Dead Surfers"
  11. PJ Harvey: "Send His Love To Me"
  12. Pulp: "Mis-shapes"
  13. Supergrass: "Alright" (Peel Session)
  14. Zion Train: "Dance Of Life" (live from the Camden Festival)
  15. Bluetones: "Bluetonic"
  16. Dreadzone: "Fight The Power"
  17. PJ Harvey: "Down By The Water"
  18. Catatonia: "Bleed"
  19. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: "If Fingers Were Xylophones"
  20. Elastica: "All Nighter"
  21. Bluetones: "Slight Return"
  22. Tricky: "Black Steel"
  23. Dreadzone: "Little Britain"
  24. Fall: "Don't Call Me Darling"
  25. Tindersticks: "My Sister"
  26. Dick Dale: "Nitro" (Peel Session)
  27. Pulp: "Disco 2000"
  28. Hole: "Violet"
  29. Flaming Stars: "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"
  30. Fall: "Bonkers In Phoenix"
  31. Pulp: "Underwear" (Peel Session)
  32. Spare Snare: "Bugs"
  33. Stereolab: "Pop Quiz"
  34. PJ Harvey: "To Bring You My Love"
  35. Dreadzone: "Captain Dread"
  36. Cornershop: "6am Jullander Shere"
  37. Billy Bragg: "Northern Industrial Town" (Peel Session)
  38. Van Basten: "King Of The Death Posture"
  39. Solar Race: "Not Here"
  40. Pavement: "Father To A Sister Of Thought"
  41. Leftfield: "Afro Left"
  42. Harvey's Rabbit: "Is This What You Call Change"
  43. Ash: "Angel Interceptor"
  44. Dose (with Mark E Smith): "Plug Myself In"
  45. Garbage: "Vow"
  46. Dave Clarke: "Red Three"
  47. bis: "School Disco"
  48. Dreadzone: "Life, Love & Unity"
  49. Fall: "The Joke"
  50. Safe Deposit: "You Can't"


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