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  • 1986-08-19
  • Peel mentions that he was enjoying the Throwing Muses LP, until somebody stuck their head around the door and told him that it sounds like Melanie.
  • Peel plays a track from Eugene Chadbourne covering Phil Ochs' Cops Of The World.
  • Peel says the LP cover of the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Orchestra's It's The Talk Of The Town is excellent and plays a track from it; their version of Willard Robison's "A Cottage For Sale", first recorded in 1930 by several artists including Ruth Etting and Robison himself. There are more than 100 recorded versions of the song, Among the best known are those by Billy Eckstine, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra who called it "the saddest song ever written".
  • Peel plays a wrong speed moment from T La Rock before correcting it.
  • Peel plays a track from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds covering Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart, which was written by Roger Greenaway & Roger Cook and recorded first by David And Jonathan and later on by Gene Pitney in 1967, who also duetted with Marc Almond in a modernised version of the track, which peaked at number 1 in the UK singles chart in 1989.
  • Includes a track from an album of Bulgarian folk music recorded in 1968 for Elektra's Nonesuch Explorer series, one of the earliest commercially available catalogues of world music - played at a time when, in the 1980s, Bulgarian music was becoming fashionable.

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  • 1) 1986-08-19 Peel Show.mp3
  • 2) 020A-B1136XXXXXXX-0100M0.mp3
  • 1) 0:35:09
  • 2) 1:59:56
  • 1) Created from SB532 of Category:Weatherman22's Tapes.
  • 1) Edited session highlights of this show though the last six tracks form a continuous segment complete with JP links.
  • 1) Fair quality FM stereo recording, with a little hiss and very sporadic interference. I am slightly puzzled as to what equipment I recorded this on, I had to speed correct it by +3% too!
  • 2) Recordings at the British Library