• 1992-12-19
  • The second part of the 1992 Festive Fifty, backed by session repeats and favourite records of the year.
  • Start of show: "Thanks very much, Andy, You know, today was going very well for me until about 4.45, won't understand this, because you don't know about football, and then..5-1. To Coventry. I mean, I know man was born to suffer, but there's got to be a limit."

Session Repeats


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  • Fall: 'Free Range' (Peel Session)

File a ends File b begins

(JP: 'And now, episode two, in which the Ukrainians have a good idea.')
(JP: 'I don't know how Grimsby Town got on this afternoon, I must admit, because about half way through the Premier League I lost interest in football for the rest of my life.')
(JP: 'If you were listening to last night's programme, you'll be horrified to hear that I'd encouraged my children to choose a record to play in these holiday spectaculars. This is Flossie's choice.')
(JP: 'After the news, it'll be Danda's selection, which appears to have been covered in rich alluvial deposits since I last played it, but we'll see how it works out.')
(JP: 'I'm sorry about all of these cock-ups, listeners. It must be really irritating for you: it's irritating for me. I'll tell you why it is. To be perfectly honest with you, at the end of the summer, they reversed some of the controls in here, and I can cope with it if I'm not in a terribly good mood, cos you kind of concentrate more, but in the first part of the programme, I was sitting here really enjoying myself, and you're kind of used to just pressing things without even thinking about it. Of course, now I find meself pressing the wrong buttons. I promise you it won't happen again, though.')
(JP: 'This is Tom's choice.')

File b ends
File c begins

  • Ragga Twins: 'Bring Up The Mic Some More/Ragga Tip' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'They'll be invited back to the programme some time early in 1993, as long as they promise not to mention me in the course of these things.')
  • Fall: 'Immortality' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'What are the chances, d'you think, of Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers changing places at the end of the season?...Is it too late for me to get interested in cricket? I think it probably is.')
(JP: 'I don't know, I think over Christmas I may get a little exercise, do a bit of running about, play a little football, see if I can get a job in the Liverpool defence. I think they need me, frankly.')
(JP: 'Does anybody know where you can get carbolic soap in 1992? I don't think it exists any more. I've been trying to find some for months and months just because I like the smell of it.')

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1992 Festive Fifty: Numbers 38-27

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(JP: 'Particularly pleased to see this at number 29, because, somebody will write in and correct me, but I think I'm right in saying this is the first time a Welsh language record has ever made it into the Festive Fifty.')
  • 29: Datblygu, 'Popeth In Cymraeg' (Ankst)
(JP: 'I have to confess that their 1992 session wasn't one of the best that they've done, but they're a band that I would invite back in to record a session anyway, because I suspect that they know more than I do.')

  • (1 a.m. news)
  • Alain Kounkou: 'Kindobika Tout Terrain (LP-Alain Kounkou)'
(JP: 'If I'd been an American, I'd probably have kicked some ass 'cos that wasn't in the Festive Fifty. As it is, all I do is moan to you about it.')
(JP: 'It's always a problem for me when the Festive Fifty votes come in because people put nice little asides on their postcards and things. You think, why don't these people live in my village?, you know, but none of them do.')
(JP: 'On Christmas Eve I have a programme, from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. It doesn't have a name, although I've been trying to think of a clever name for it. 'Other Christmas Records', really, is roughly how it would be described, in other words, you're not going to get Greg Lake. I was thinking something along the lines of 'Anything But Greg Lake', but that would have been misleading as well, so just other and hopefully excellent Christmas records which you don't generally get to hear.') [1]

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  • Fall: 'Return' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'Well, I know you'd expect me to say this, but I really do believe it to be true. I think that the Fall are the standard by which the others must be measured. Still ahead of the field for me. I wish we could get them in for more sessions than we do, but understandably they don't want to come in every six months. They could come in every month if it was up to me, but we keep working at it. It's one of those things that Pinky makes a monthly phone call, I suppose, to the Fall offices to say, "Come on, how about doing another session?", and they say, "Maybe", and then there's another maybe and another maybe, and eventually a yes. The sooner we get a yes, the happier I shall be.')
(JP: 'I know that they're never going to be Nirvana, and they know they're never going to be Nirvana, but at the same time I think that what they do is excellent.')


  • 1) 19th December 1992 Parts 1-4
  • 2) Peel Show 1992-12-19 Parts 1-2 also known as 1 of 4 FF#2 Tape10a.mp3 and 2 of 4 FF#2 Tape10b.mp3
  • 3) F50_1992_3a and 3b
  • 4) JP921219d.mp3, JP921219d.mp3, JP921219d.mp3, JP921219d.mp3
  • a) 1992-12-19 Peel Show L263.mp3
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  • 1) 00:47:01, 00:43:42, 00:47:01, 00:46:56
  • 2) 00:47:19, 00:46:49
  • 3) 00:47:13, 00:47:14
  • 4) 00:48:49, 00:45:14, 00:49:27, 00:44:32
  • a) 00:04:20
  • b) 00:35:46
  • c) 00:57:54
  • d) 00:39:21
  • e)
  • 1) Complete show. Quality deteriorates during final part, possibly due to oxide on the tape heads
  • 2) Beginning of show (but missing JP's introduction to #33). Poor quality at the start of the first file but soon improves.
  • 3) Begins at #32 in the chart and continues to the end of the programme (and beyond to Lynn Parsons)
  • 4)
  • a) File created from L263 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by SB.
  • b) File created from L072 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
  • c) File created from L279 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
  • d) File created from L278 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
  • e) File created from L392 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by SB.
  1. See 24 December 1992.
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