• 1980-02-19
  • Start of show: "Hello to you. I’d be enormously worried, you know, if any of our BBC Sports people ever showed any admiration or affection for Liverpool. Tonight, after they’d beaten Forest 2-0, the match analyst said rather glumly, “Well, they’re three points ahead at the top of the first division, “ but then added bravely, “but they’ve only got one game in hand”! I thought that was terrific. Anyway, on tonight’s programme a session from the Glass Torpedoes and from the Damned. And amongst the records, I’m So Hollow, Scritti Politti, Nightshift, Psychedelic Furs, Killing Joke, the Selecter, Joy Division, Siouxsie & The Banshees – a lot of other people besides. And among the records also, a German ska record, or something close to it anyway, Cindy & The Barbi Dolls, the Pinkoes and the Bodies, all of them making their debuts on the programme besides. This is a single from Tenpole Tudor."
  • Incomplete show spread over three files, although with both the start and end present. Around 20 minutes is missing from the currently available recording, although a couple of tracks have been edited down with pause button.
  • Peel has forgotten to bring with him requests from his gig at Leicester Polytechnic the previous weekend.
  • Claims his mood is much better than on the night the Glass Torpedos session was first broadcast and he’d thought it sounded a bit flat.
  • In response to the Defectors track, he says the righteous go to Anfield, as he will be doing this coming Saturday (when Liverpool would draw 1-1 with Ipswich.)
  • The show ends with a track from Cleveland Crochet. A single by the band was later found in John Peel's Record Box.



(File 1)

(Peel relates how he drove into a London bus that afternoon.)
(JP detects slight return of “twerps” in the music biz and voices disapproval of people who end sentences with “ya?” and/or use the word “bread” for money.)

(File 2)

(JP: I was a little uncertain about it at first, but I’m learning to love it.)

(JP tries to play the Alternomen Unlimited album track, fails to line it up, plays a single instead)

(JP: "Well, the link leading into that must be one of the most disastrous in the history of British radio. But - er - fun?") [1]

(File 3)

  • Nightshift: Don't Rush The Good Things (single) Harvest (only 10 seconds on file)
  • Defectors: Where The Righteous Go (7” – Baby maxi-single) Louder
  • Damned: I’m So Bored (session) – cuts out

(jump to near end of show)

  • Misfits: We Are 138 (12” EP – Beware) Plan 9 / Cherry Red
  • Cleveland Crochet: Midnight Blues (LP – Cleveland Crochet & The Sugar Bees, Classic Cajun)

(end of show)


  • 1) 217-800219b.aif
  • 2) 217-800219a.aif
  • 3) 216-800218+19.aif.mp3
  • 1) 50.00 (cuts off at 45.21)
  • 2) 45.38
  • 3) 33.20 (0.13 to 9.27, then continues with 18 February 1980)


  1. Mike Read, always on the lookout for hilarity, interjected a clip of this comment into his shows on a regular basis over the ensuing months.
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