Peel 10


  • John Peel In Store Tape No.10
  • Virgin In-Store
  • 1980-02-19
  • JP in a gloriously irreverent mood. Start of show: 'This is John Peel once again, exclusively for the Virgin stores, starting with a wildly over the top record from Hong Kong.'
  • After playing Every Day by The Selecter "These days all of the critics the so-called pop pundits as they used to be called back in the 60's are slagging off the Two Tone bands like The Specials and The Selecter. I think they're wrong, bollocks to the lot of them say I for one."
  • After hearing that people in Coventry were listening to this tape and not buying anything, Peel comes out with the true message: 'Consume, consume, buy, buy, buy, then fuck off out of the shop.'


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Side 1

(JP: 'Well, if you don't like that, you're a fool. One of the most wonderfully over the top records I've ever heard.')
(JP: 'Here's your chance to jump about on top of one or two people.')
(JP: 'Lots of blood in the shop after that, I hope.')
(JP: 'New single from Bodies arrived in my hands only seconds before I came into this disgusting little studio to record these tapes.')
(JP: 'Bet they haven't got that in the shop.')

Side 2

(JP: 'May I say, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, how happy Ron, Trevor and I are that you've decided to spend your time and money here with us in the Virgin store. We all think, and we hope you'll agree with us, that Virgin is a fun place to be, and that we're fun people, and that you're a fun person. Everybody and everything....oh god, I'm going to be sick.')


  • John Peel Show 19-02-80 (1).mp3
  • John Peel Show 19-02-80 (2).mp3
  • 1980-02-19 Virgin In-Store Pt1
  • 1980-02-19 Virgin In-Store Pt2


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