• 1992-01-19
  • Eight winners of the Bang Bang Machine EP are drawn out. Peel wanted to reveal the winners of the KLF and Extreme Noise Terror singles, but he hasn't physically got his hands on the prizes yet.
  • The 90 minute segment of the second half of this show is in fairly muffled sound quality.
  • A strong automatic record level setting fades up quiet starts to records, only to dramatically fade down just as the tracks should be thundering in firing on all cylinders. Radio One suffered badly from this effect in the early 1990s, so it might not necessarily be the tape at fault.


  • Cobra only session, recorded 29th December 1991.
  • FSK #5, recorded 3rd December 1991.

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File a begins at the start of the show

(JP: "Listeners, you can add my name to the list of red hot playboy millionaires who are not having sizzling affairs with the Duchess of York.")
(JP: "This is the number 35 record in the new chart.")

File a ends (around 11:40 pm)
File b begins

(JP: "I have to be honest with you, I never really imagined, as I said earlier on - or hinted earlier on - that we'd be able to get Cobra into the studio to record a session for this because we've had not a lot of luck over the years with artists from Jamaica... but we managed to get Cobra in at the last moment and it was well worth the effort.")
JP: "A stupendous record, that. No question about it."

File b ends
File c starts

  • (John reveals that his daughter Flossie was easily able to identify this track)
  • George Lam: 'Thundercats Are Go (unknown source - a CD from Hong Kong)'
(JP: 'Better than the original - a voice comes up from the engine room.')

File 2 starts

File c ends

  • (news at 1 am)

File d starts (duplicating section of file 2)

File d ends

File e starts

(JP: 'Bet you don't hear that very often on any of these wretched oldies stations.')

Files 2 and e end


  • a) 1992-01-19 Peel Show L088.mp3
  • b) 1992-01-19 Peel Show L087a.mp3
  • c) 1992-01-19 JP L283
  • 2) John Peel 19920119 - 128 kbps Part 2.mp3
  • d) 1992-01-19 Peel Show L087b.mp3
  • e) L118b.aif.mp3
  • a) 00:38:18
  • b) 00:39:56
  • c) 00:37:58
  • 2) 01:35:10
  • d) 00:37:18
  • e) 39:15 (from 6:32 to 27:46)
  • a, b, d: Mooo
  • c: Mooo
  • 2: Not currently available at stated location
  • e: Mooo
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