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  • 2000-01-19
  • Peelenium 1999 and the seventh part of the All-Time 2000 Festive Fifty.
  • Start of show: "Hello and welcome to the first Wednesday night programme to come from Peel Acres. Tonight we've got a new session for you from Mouse On Mars, the Peelenium reaches back in history to 1999, All-Time Festive Fifty numbers 20-16 inclusive, and after our recent trip to the Netherlands, who do we love? We love Solex!" He then accidentally plays Go instead.


  • Mouse On Mars, #3. Recorded 1999-11-13. No known commercial release. The track 'Download Sofist' was not broadcast, but included in the repeat on 16 March 2000.


(JP: 'I think you'd like to hear my version of that played on the harmonium.')

Peelenium 1999

  1. Cay, 'Princes & Princesses (CD single)' (EastWest)
  2. Yo La Tengo, 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry' (Peel 60th birthday CD)
  3. Monkey Steals The Drum, 'Injured Birds (7 inch)' (Shifty Disco)
  4. Princess Kaiulani, 'Alamoana Fade Away (7 inch)' (Motorway)
  5. Brian & Tony Gold, 'Not Perfect (7")' (Kickin Productions)

2000 Festive Fifty (All-Time): Numbers 20-16

(JP: 'I've got an outraged email here from Sean in Preston, saying, "No Cuban Boys in the 1999 Peelenium? It's an outrage! How can you not have 'Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia'? It's the most important musical event of the year", and so on. But you know, we've tried with the tracks in the Peelenium, quite clearly, you can't represent an entire year with just four or five tracks, but to play some of the less obvious ones, and, as regular listeners will know, our bodies throb in unison in this house at the mere mention of the name of the Cuban Boys, so we certainly love 'em, we're not trying to do 'em down in any way.')
(JP: 'Perennial favourite, obviously.')


  • a) Peel Show 2000-01-19
  • b) jp200100 NOTE: incorrect date
  • a) 02:03:02
  • b) 01:59:11
  • a) Complete show compiled and speed-corrected from three separate files by SIG. Many thanks to the tapers for source material.
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
  1. In 1996, Michael Berkeley had surprised Peel by playing one of these studies on the Radio 3 show Private Passions.