• 1989-06-19
  • Peel plays a track from Tar called Mumper and says he doesn't know what it means. According to the internet, it is an English obsolete slang word for beggar.
  • Peel mentions that his 7 year old daughter, Flossie, is a fan of Jason Donovan's Sealed With A Kiss. This made him to look for a comedy version of the song from a Finnish artist called Kusela, which he plays on the show. He also mentions that Flossie liked the comedy version as well. Sealed With A Kiss was originally recorded in 1960 by the Four Voices.
  • Peel says that Andy Kershaw asked him whether he saw Elmore James live and was tempted to say yes, but decided to be honest and say no. He goes on to say that he wished he saw Elmore James live.
  • Peel plays a 1983 track from the Kingswoods doing a country version of the Sex Pistols' Pretty Vacant, under the title of Purty Vacant.



(JP: 'Romania has a grisly government[2], but some neat music on the evidence of a couple of LP's which somebody got me, in fact one Spencer Swayne got me, sometime ago which disappeared into the chaos of my room at home. I rediscovered them this afternoon and here's a track by one Constantin Hațeg, which is H-A-T, comma, E-G. I'm not quite sure how you pronounce people's names when they have a comma in the middle of them, but the title of the track I think need not concern us')

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  1. Lyrics mentions Sealed With A Fish instead of the song title.
  2. Romania was under a communist dictatorship under Nicolae Ceaușescu, until his overthrow in the Romanian Revolution in December 1989.
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