• 1996-03-19
  • (k) The second night of Peel's first week sitting-in for Mark Radcliffe on Radio 1 in 1996, back at his old slot of 10pm-midnight. It's rather better than I remember, with a good live performance from Tripping Daisy, including some Texas repartee with Peel in part two, and the (now ubiquitous) Stuart Maconie pontificating about stuff.
  • The track order does not seem to agree with the files



  • Rolling Stones: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadows? (1966 single) Decca back announced only
  • File a begins during next track
  • Wah! Heat: Seven Minutes To Midnight (CD - The Indie Scene 1980: The Story of British Independent Music) Connoisseur Collection
  • Ash: Goldfinger (single) Infectious
  • John isn't convinced that Goldfinger is single material
  • Garbage: Stupid Girl (CD: Stupid Girl) Mushroom
  • Tripping Daisy: Bang (live session)
  • Sneeze: Shaky Ground (EP: Sneeze) Elefant
  • Buffalo Springfield: Mr Soul (CD: Retrospective) Atco
  • news
  • File a cuts out at 27:52
  • File b cuts in 30s from end of next track
  • Brassy: Boss () Costermonger
  • Pulp: Something Changed (CD: Something Changed) Island
  • Van Basten: Uber Alloy (12") Brute
  • Undertones: You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It) (CD: Hypnotised) Dojo
  • Stiff Little Fingers: Suspect Device (CD: All The Best) EMI
  • Calvin Party: Lies Lies And Government () Up Records
  • Tripping Daisy: I Got A Girl (in session)
  • John has a good old spraff with the band about his old Dallas days
  • Tripping Daisy: Pirhana (in session)
  • File b cuts out at 29:58
  • File c starts near end of above track
  • Electrafixion: Sister Pain (CD: Sister Pain) WEA
  • Lionrock: Straight At Yer Head 7" Edit (CD: Straight At Yer Head) Deconstruction
  • Radio 1 Science Week trailer
  • Duane Eddy: Cannonball (LP: Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel) London
  • pathological news
  • Breeders: Cannonball (CD: Cannonball) 4AD
  • Foo Fighters: Big Me (CD: Big Me) Capitol
  • Newsbeat
  • Bis: Kandy Pop (CD: The Secret Vampire Soundtrack) Chemikal Underground
  • File c cuts out at 27:56
  • File d cuts in near end of next track
  • Tripping Daisy: Wiggle (in session)
  • Orbital: The Box (CD: The Box) Internal
  • Jah Woosh & Jah Stitch: Two Roads (LP: Jah Woosh Meets Jah Stitch) Original Music
  • Hi Tech Roots Dynamics: Brandenburg Dub (LP: Berlin Dub) Top Beats
  • Ini Kamoze: Jah Never Fail () Sounds Klik
  • end of show
  • File d cuts out at 21:41
  • The following tracks can't be located on the audio, though with the file lengths shorter than advertised, they could well have been played, for example in the gap between Files c and d
  • Cocteau Twins: Tishbite (CD: Tishbite) Fontana
  • Chakra Khan: Mauve Zone (Starfire version) (12" Mauve Zone) Brute
  • Done Lying Down: Nirvana Rip Off (CD: Kontrapunkt) Immaterial


  • Peel 1996-03-19 for Radcliffe #2a
  • Peel 1996-03-19 for Radcliffe #2b
  • Peel 1996-03-19 for Radcliffe #2c
  • Peel 1996-03-19 for Radcliffe #2d
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  • 00:25:55
  • (k) Sorry it's in four pieces but I always think this is easier to download in small installments given the vagaries of broadband connections, and anyway my software merely connects things as items in a folder. There is a fast jump anyway in the news bulletin straight from part 1 to part 2 if you line them up in iTunes.
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