• 1977-05-19
  • File a is a short pause button file (session tracks only) with truncated Peel links and the very end of the show. Tracks marked §.
  • File b: On 19th May 2013, 36 years later to the day, Jarvis Cocker played an unedited portion of this show (from midway through the Stranglers track to the end) on his BBC Radio 6 Music Sunday Service programme from an old C120 cassette. There is some evidence of remastering on the music.
  • Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions (p.218) also lists a play for the Ramones' Sheena Is A Punk Rocker.



File a

File b begins

(JP: 'I'm not quite sure why that's not getting played on the radio: it's a pity that it isn't, 'cos it's an excellent record. Perhaps it's because it's got a reference to "sewers" in it, and sewers as we all know are not fun places. The girls in the Radio 1 typing pool, who have fine taste I think, think that that and the Frankie Miller single [1] are the two best singles around at the moment, and they could well be right.')
(JP (sarcastic voice): 'Excuse me, is that Reggae?. Well, yes it is really. Then I don't like it.')
(JP: 'I had a stack of letters about the new Dave Mason album, the usual letters that find the show quite marvellous, and I'm certain that you personally are enormously attractive, and why haven't you played anything from the new Dave Mason LP? Oh, all right then, I will do, but I want you to know the only reason I'm doing this is because the copy I've got is pressed on translucent blue vinyl and it looks absolutely fab going round.')

At this point on file b, Jarvis links to the next session track, omitting two Mason LP tracks in the process

(JP: 'You wouldn't think to listen to him that he's quite good at football would you?')
(JP: 'A fine LP that is. I'd like to have an 8-Track of that actually, if they've made an 8-Track of it, so I can drive around London playing it extremely loud and trying to impress everybody with what a trendy little chap I am.')
(JP: '...which is not what I said before I played it, I'll admit, but that's what I'm saying now, and I'm sticking with it too. That's the end of tonight's programme, on which you heard a session from 1975 from Dr Feelgood, and a more recent session, in fact a session from this year, from Peter Hammill. Now tomorrow night, an entirely different story, and I'll tell you all about it in just a moment, after the good bit.') (Fades up guitar solo on sig) ('Well tomorrow night, we have a session from that wizard of the keys, Nic Jones,and the Radio 1 début, in fact the début period, of Radio Stars, and I hope you'll listen to that programme, and I'll try not to talk about the Cup Final too much, I promise. Well, sort of promise, anyway. Goodnight.') §

File b ends


  • a) John Peel 1977.05.19 Dr Feelgood + Peter Hammill
  • b) Peel Show 1977-05-19 (incomplete)
  • a) 00:27:44
  • b) 00:47:32
  • a) Many thanks to Jim.
  • b) Sourced from podcast of the Cocker show by SIG.
  1. Be Good To Yourself. It made number 27 in the UK charts the following month.
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