• 1984-11-19


  • ICA Rock Week live sets

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  • Malibu: Grooving
  • Shadowman: Man In My Life
  • Terry And Gerry : Live At The ICA. Recorded 1984-10-05 #
    1. The Good, The Bad And The Usherette
    2. Wolfman's Request
    3. A Thousand Towns
    4. Cars
    5. Hello
    6. Butter's On The Bread
    7. TV Song
    8. Dennis & Brian
    9. Wait Until You're Older
    10. America
    11. Clothes Shop
  • "Oh, what an attractive sentiment. That's Terry And Gerry and the Dayglos...The one thing that actually slightly disappointed me about these ICA Rock Weeks, this was recorded on October 5th, incidentally, this one, was the fact that most of the critics anyway, when they went to them, because there were three bands on each night, chose one band that they really liked, and then the other two that they disliked intensely, and complained bitterly about the fact that there was a mixture of stuff which they saw as being incompatible on the same night. But the idea really was that it should be so."
  • Ray Crossen Junior: Try Some Soul
  • "Wrong Way Round. No, Round Way Wrong. Hold on, that's the wrong.... Ah. Typically played the wrong record as well."
  • Round-A-Way Wrong: Boy (7" - Boy/Yob) Wrong WRONG 001
  • Del Fuegos: Nervous And Shakey (album - The Longest Day) Rough Trade / Slash ROUGH 79
  • Room: Jackpot Jack (album - In Evil Hour) Red Flame RFA 42
  • Meteors: Eat The Baby (album - Stampede!) Mad Pig CHOP 1
  • Ramones: Durango 95 (album - Too Tough To Die) Beggars Banquet BEGA 59
  • Ramones: Wart Hog (album - Too Tough To Die) Beggars Banquet BEGA 59 #

# Terry & Gerry set also available on File 2


  • 1) John Peel 1984-11-19 gw.mp3
  • 2) Peel Terry And Gerry 1984
  • 1) 51:52
  • 2) 44:20 (to 22:38)