• 1978-09-19
  • Just over an hour from the 400 Box tape but the session tracks are available complete in FM quality from the JS Tape
  • Peel says he thinks the b-side of the Alternative TV single is a "great deal better" but can't play it due to "proscribed naughty words that will have you all out in the streets suiting action to them".
  • PragVEC are in the studio with Peel, who has also just received a postcard from Adam & The Ants (from Belgium).
  • The Mary Monday & The Bitches single later turned up in John Peel's Record Box.
  • BBC Radio 1-4 have only one record cleaner between them and Radio 3 have just arrived to collect it.
  • The Original Wings are a Nigerian band and nothing to do with "Paul McCartney’s little combo". Peel says he played a track by the former a couple of years earlier, "but I don’t suppose for a moment you remember that."
  • JP notes that the Motorhead single appeared "in the bottom reaches" of the previous week's chart, but he hasn't seen this week's chart (it had dropped out).



(File 1 cuts in durig next track)
(JP: "Well, when you walk through me, you're going to have to cope with a lot of unsightly fat, I'm afraid.")
(JP: “Seems to be a bit of a shortage of good rowdy records like that these days. A little less guitar and a little bit more of Monday, Mary Monday, would have satisfied me, but there you are. A great record I think.”)
(JP: “These are the Punishments again…")
(File 1 cuts out 3:36 into above)
(File 2 cuts in during next rtack)
(JP: “Another from Adam & The Ants…”)
(JP: “And while that was going on, a member of the band PragVEC, who let me remind you again are on tomorrow night’s programme, along with White Cats, told me that Paul Gambaccini was uglier than I am. This is wonderful news, wonderful news. This is the last also from Punishment Of Luxury.")
(File 2 cuts out 3:42 into above)
  • Tracks marked @ available on File 3


  • 1) 1978 09 19 #1 (Adam & The Ants, Punishment Of Luxury)
  • 2) 1978 09 19 #2 (Adam & The Ants, Punishment Of Luxury)
  • 3) 1978-09-19 Peel Show JS20.mp3
  • 1) 30.44
  • 2) 30.49
  • 3) 32:14 (to 3:14, 6:33-16:06, 19:42-21:52, from 29:03 unique)
  • 1,2) Files created from T032 of 400 Box. Many thanks to the original taper and CCM.
  • 3) Many thanks to Jimmy. Very good FM stereo recording. Created from JS20 of JS Tapes.
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