• 1992-09-19
  • JP recounts wandering the streets of London at 3am after losing keys to his family's Notting Hill pad, eventually having to walk to Television Centre and kip in the engineer's rest area.
  • Just under 20 minutes are missing from near the start of the show



File a begins at start of show

File a ends

File 1 begins with1:50 left of next track

(JP: 'I'm sure Mixmaster Morris isn't into football. He might be, who can say, but I'd be surprised if he was really. While that was going on, my thoughts turned as they so often do to football, and it occurred to me that the difference between the Liverpool teams of as it were yesteryear and the present lot is that under Shankley and Paisley, good players played brilliantly, whereas now good players play badly. There you go,think about that.')
(JP: 'Dangerously like Donna Summer, someone said in the studio. I hadn't though of that, I must admit.')
(JP: 'In the 50s and 60s, records like this were very very popular in America. Nowhere else, I suspect.')

File b begins

File 1 fades out after 3:43 of 5:12 track, 2 continues with last 51s of above track

(JP: 'But here we are, something like an hour and twenty two and a half minutes into the programme and still nothing from Trumans Water. So let's set that to rights.') 13:23, 52:38 into show so 30 minutes missing from continuous files

File b ends

  • Mudhoney:  Deception Pass (single) Reprise 4
  • Shiny Beast: () Tupelo 4
  • Spot: Yo Marry Me () Auditions 4
  • Swab: Zoom (EP - Tregus) Pop Bus 4
  • Swirlies: Park The Car By The Side Of The Road () 4
  • MDNA: E-shopping () D Generate 4
  • Seaweed: Sit In Class (Peel Session)

File 2 ends here
File c begins

  • Elmore James: Anna Lee (LP - Standing At The Crossroads) Charly
  • Faith Healers: My Loser (12" - Mr Litnanski) Too Pure 4
  • Irresistible Force: Mountain High (session) ("the last tonight") 4 6
  • Super Suckers: Hell City, Hell (7") Sub Pop 4
  • Peel tells how he and son William had planned to see Pond live earlier in the week but after a "ludicrous argument" they didn't go. The following track is played for him.
(JP: 'This is a song which had me feeling very vulnerable when I listened to it this morning on about four hours sleep.')
(JP: 'Parallels our situation so closely it's uncanny, actually.')
  • Peel reads out a Q&A feature with David Coleridge, the outgoing chairman of Lloyd's of London, published in the Guardian's supplement. He finds "a great number of parallels" between them.
  • Obviously High: Rushin' Roulette (12" - Mistery Tour) Delirious 4 5
  • Jacob's Mouse: Oblong (12" - Ton Up) Wiiija 5
(JP: 'This is a record which I keep playing and keep promising I'm not going to play again, but every once in a while I feel a little itch there and I think I must play it again.')

File c ends
File z begins

(JP: 'And it's time for us, listeners, to change partners - ha ha! - from me to Lynn Parsons.')
  • End of show.


  • a) 1992-09-19 Peel Show L168.mp3
  • 1) 1992-09-19 JP BBCR1
  • 2) Tape03b.mp3
  • b) 1992-09-19 Peel Show L253b.mp3
  • c) 1992-09-19 Peel Show L247a.mp3
  • z) 1992-09-19 Peel Show L247b.mp3
  • 3) John Peel tape no.21 side a
  • 4) John Peel tape no.21 side b
  • 5) John Peel tape no.22 side a
  • 6) best of peel vol 53 side 2 with introductions
  • a) 00:04:06
  • 1) 00:44:39
  • 2) 00:47:06
  • b) 00:35:03
  • c) 00:36:12
  • z) 00:15:23
  • 3) 46:10 (from 5:14) (5:14 to 15:03 unique)
  • 4) 46:10
  • 5) 46:20 (to 14:32)
  • 6) 46:10 (8:22-31:49) (8:22-13:11 unique)
  1. Jonathan Richman cover.
  2. From session #1, recorded 1991-07-28.
  3. Human League cover.
  4. Beat Happenings cover.
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