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  • Peel's death on October 25 2004 did not spell the end of the Festive Fifty chart. Radio 1 organised two more charts before handing over the reins to Dandelion Radio. The broadcast version for this year was presented by Rob Da Bank, who had continued to helm the Peel Show using the pre-prepared running orders and commissioned or recorded sessions for the remainder of the year. It is included in the official canon of the Festive Fifty because nearly all the entries had been played by Peel during the year, and thus JP can be said to have had an influence over its shaping, even though he was not around to present it. The dates when JP first played the tracks in question appear after the title in the chart below.
  • Despite the misgivings of some who felt there shouldn't have been a chart at all, and rumours and wind-ups (specifically, that early votes had been received for Joss Stone and Keane, and an Internet campaign to get Morrissey to number one), the resultant chart "perhaps more than any previous charts, fully reflected the diversity of the Peel programme" (Whitby, M., The Festive Fifty, Nevin Publishing, 2005, p. 65). On this note, the Fall's official website tried, and failed, to get 'Blindness' voted in at number one.
  • Top scoring acts of the year were Bloc Party and ballboy (one of these entries being a duet with Laura Cantrell recorded at the previous year's Peel Acres Christmas party and subsequently released as a b-side), with three entries apiece. The correct identification of the Laurie Anderson track means that there was a gap of 22 years between entries for this song, a feat only beaten by Captain Beefheart's 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus', which made the inaugural chart in 1976 and again in the 2000 All-Time, a gap of 24 years (and coincidentally, in each case in two different versions). Fittingly, the number one spot went to a new version of the Fall track which made number 2 in the previous year.


The Festive Fifty Of 2004



  1. Mark Whitby has corrected the error perpetrated by Rob Da Bank and every listing of this chart since. X Booty is the label, not the artist.