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The BBC organised and broadcast one more Festive Fifty chart following John's death: it was labelled the 'OneMusic Festive 50. Listeners of Rob Da Bank (who had presented the 2004 chart), Ras Kwame and Huw Stephens' shows were invited to vote.

Many artists who had been championed by JP had entries in this chart, with top act being the Fall (three songs, all from the same LP). The fact that a large number of unsigned artists appeared would doubtless have pleased him, although the tone is still basically "white boys with guitars" with a smattering of dance and an artist at number 42 who had released her first LP in 10 years (but whom Peel never seems to have played and in fact rather disliked [1]).

The Festive Fifty Of 2005: Numbers 50-01



  1. See the footnotes to this for an example.
  2. The dub poet who on one occasion sat in for JP on Home Truths.
  3. This was from a reissue first made available in 2003 on Husky.
  4. One other track from this LP, 'Formed A Band', had made the 2004 Festive Fifty on the back of its Rough Trade single release.
  5. The B-side of this contained two tracks taken from Peel sessions.
  6. A re-entry for this track, which had entered the 2004 chart at #24 and had been played by Peel as a pre-release CDR.
  7. Featuring the voice of Peel himself.
  8. This song had featured in their last Peel session.
  9. He of Arab Strap, who had FF entries in their own right.
  10. Another re-entry: the band had gained their highest ever entry with this song in the previous year's chart. It originally came from a session recorded just before Peel died but not broadcast until afterwards. This was the official release.
  11. Featuring Grandmaster Gareth, who appeared in the 2003 Festive Fifty.
  12. Contains samples from JP's show.
  13. OneMusic credits Ollo as the main artist.
  14. The album had previously been released on Klutz in 2004, but the song itself dates from their only Peel session in February 2003.
  15. JP appeared in the first of two BBC series with this title.
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